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IDEXX Brucellosis Ovine/Caprine Ab Test

Small ruminant Brucellosis

This kit can be used only for experimental purposes in EU countries and not for regulatory analysis. Indeed there is no international standard for the determination of detectability for ELISA for small ruminants. 

* Availability / Distribution: Outside the U.S. 


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P04310-10 (10 plates/strips)

About small ruminant Brucellosis

Brucellosis is a zoonosis found throughout the world with major implications both in the field of public health and farming economy. It is most often caused by Brucella abortus (bovines) or Brucella melitensis (small ruminants). It causes abortions and the bacteria are excreted in the milk. Man is contaminated by contact with or ingestion of infected products (milk, cheese, meat). The main signs of contamination are undulant fever, with serious and frequent complications during a chronic evolution. The extent of this disease has led health authorities to implement screening programs to detect infected animals and to eradicate the disease. The infection of pregnant ewes leads to abortion and neonatal lamb deaths due to microscopic and macroscopic changes occurring in the placenta and fetus. Infection does not persist in nonpregnant ewes, but may persist for several months in pregnant ewes. This characteristic has an impact in the control of the disease. In many countries, the routine use of vaccines against brucellosis is no longer allowed. Brucellosis eradication programs are now based exclusively on the serological screening of sheep and cattle herds to detect and remove infected animals.

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