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RealPCR Influenza A RNA Mix - 1.0 mL

Avian Influenza (AI)

The IDEXX RealPCR Influenza RNA Mix is used for the identification of Influenza A RNA using the modular IDEXX RealPCR platform. Samples can be run simultaneously with any other IDEXX RealPCR reagents using shared reagents and a single real-time PCR program.

* Availability / Distribution: Worldwide


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Test details


  • Identification of Influenza A RNA
  • Results in approximately 70 minutes

Part numbers and sizes

99-56200 (100 reactions)

About Avian Influenza (AI)

Domestic and wild avian species are affected by avian influenza viruses. The disease is characterized by a wide range of responses, from virtually no clinical signs to high mortality. Respiratory signs are common, along with a drop in egg production, greenish diarrhea, bloodstained nasal and oral discharges, and cyanosis and edema of the head, comb and wattle.

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