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New controlled substance reporting templates for California Cornerstone users

We’ve updated Cornerstone with new templates to help you comply with California’s conversion to the PMP submission process for controlled substance reporting. Here’s how to find the new template and complete it in three steps. 

To access the new template, go to Controls > Controlled Substance > Controlled Substance Export.

1.    To start off, you’ll need to assign the appropriate user defined prompts:
  • On the Export Data Tab, locate the below highlighted sections.
  • Using the Drop down in the Client Prompt field, select your Client Birthdate and Client Gender prompts

2.    Next, enter your practice Information:
  • On the Export Data Tab, locate the below highlighted sections
  • Update the highlighted fields with the appropriate information, making sure that State is two characters and Zip Code is five

3.    After a successful test, update the default from Test to Production:
  • On the Export Header Tab, locate the below highlighted field
  • Switch the T to a P to submit the file to Production

If you any questions about how to use the template, please contact Cornerstone Customer and Technical Support at 1-800-695-2877, or

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