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Best browser for Petly Plans

Use a supported web browser to move seamlessly between Cornerstone and Petly Plans. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox (Internet Explorer is not supported).

Don’t know how to change your default browser to Chrome? Follow these instructions:

Cornerstone Roadshow classes at CVC Kansas City

The Cornerstone Roadshow is coming to the CVC Kansas City Convention, with classes for users of all levels. Register for one, two, or all three classes: each one is a unique opportunity to learn tips and tricks from Cornerstone Software expert Michelle Campoli, network with other users, and have fun.

Cornerstone 8.5 NEXT enhancements

Software upgrades are one of the most visible benefits of your Cornerstone Support Contract. But 8 to 10 times a year you also receive fixes and enhancements that automatically take effect without your having to lift a finger. Case in point: we recently sent an update to prevent errors or crashes while printing reference laboratory forms, processing credit cards, scheduling appointments, or using the Patient Visit List. Your practice may not have experienced these issues. But if you did, we apologize for any disruption they caused you and your team.

Welcome to the new Cornerstone website

Introducing your one-stop shop for all things Cornerstone

We’re taking the Cornerstone User Conference on the road

The Cornerstone User Conference Road Show will include CE-certified user group meetings and master classes for advanced users, local Cornerstone dinners, and lots of peer-to-peer networking opportunities. We will hit over 70 North American cities next year – and it’s all free!