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4 Cornerstone housekeeping tips for weathering the storm

While it’s unclear how long we’ll be coping with the effects of COVID-19, here are three steps you can take to help your practice weather a downturn in traffic, and get your house in order for a strong recovery.

1.    Take Stock

Now’s the time to get caught up on inventory:
  • Catch up: complete receipt entry, then physical count (using the Counts report) and adjust quantity and average cost as needed (using the Cost report)
  • Clean up: confirm buy sell ratios and linked items / qty, revise reorder information, inactivate and stop tracking zero- low performers (revise selling via online pharmacy) Complete these tasks by using Inventory Evaluation and Linked items reports as well as Combined period end of month inventory sales reports.


2.    Stay in Touch

Reach out to your active clients to keep them apprised of any changes to practice hours, checking in for appointments or urgent care needs (you can create an email list from either the
  • Client Patient Report Builder or Client Master List) when either report saved to an xls or csv file).
  • Clients that have not had an appointment in a while may not be aware that their pet is overdue for care, use Client Patient Report Builder by date of last invoice to reach out and reconnect.


3.    Keep it consistent

  • Review all client facing document templates (consent and release forms, informational handouts, etc.) for consistent formatting, branding, etc. 
  • Use and/or simplify document categories (inactivate category inactivates all docs within).


4.    Upgrade

  • Make sure that your practice’s technology is up to date, especially your Cornerstone Software. A temporary lull in business can provide a good opportunity to upgrade to the latest version.