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10 ways it pays to buy your hardware from IDEXX

Ready to replace that creaky laptop, antique workstation or furry server? There’s not one good reason to buy your Cornerstone hardware from IDEXX—there are 10!

10. IDEXX-certified hardware is tested to ensure compatibility and optimal performance with your Cornerstone software. Hardware you buy online or from a big box store? Not so much.  

9. We only sell business-class workstations, servers, tablets and printers designed to withstand the challenges of a fast-paced, busy veterinary practice like yours. 

8. Your IDEXX hardware consultant will take the time to understand your practice’s unique needs, then guide you to a solution that’s compatible with your goals, and your current hardware and software. 

7. Ever purchased new hardware only to find that it took your team or a hired consultant hours upon hours to set up, configure and troubleshoot? Time is money, which is why your IDEXX-certified hardware arrives preconfigured and ready to install (we even remove third-party software that’s not needed in a veterinary practice). 

6. Our world-class support options provide protection above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty*; with services including next-business-day onsite service and loaner equipment during repair.

5. No one likes to think about their operating system becoming corrupted or having to replace a hard drive. But if that happens, IDEXX-certified systems include recovery media that can automate the reload process and reduce repair and recovery time by hours. 

4. When you need help with your hardware, you don’t want to talk to an amateur. That’s why all of our IDEXX hardware support technicians are Dell certified.

3. We also train our hardware technicians to be experts on the other equipment we sell. Because the faster we can help you, the faster you can get back to helping patients and clients. 

2. You can take advantage of exceptional prices and special deals.

1. Redeem IDEXX Points to save even more! 

Talk to us today: 1-800-283-8386, option 5, followed by option 4.

*ProSupport comes standard with all IDEXX certified hardware; however, customers purchasing directly through Dell would need to choose this support option at an additional cost.