Diagnose and manage diabetic patients in minutes with the Catalyst Fructosamine Test

Now there's a test that delivers a more accurate assessment of average glucose levels in patients with diabetes mellitus

Testing fructosamine levels is a simpler, more reliable way to manage the increasing number of diabetic cases in your practice.

  • Trust your results. Fructosamine levels aren’t sensitive to stress and excitement and can offer a more reliable assessment of underlying glucose levels.
  • Get a broader view. By assessing an average of the blood glucose levels over the previous 2–3 weeks, fructosamine testing provides a more reliable picture of glucose regulation.
  • Increase compliance. Fructosamine can help make diabetes management more comfortable for pets and more convenient for pet owners, helping to increase compliance for successful treatment.

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“Fructosamine is an invaluable tool for managing diabetic cases in one appointment: perform a physical exam, review the diet, assess glycemic control with fructosamine, and the owner leaves truly understanding any change in insulin dose.

“Fructosamine also helps take the difficulty out of understanding hyperglycemia—is it a stressed cat or a diabetic? The Catalyst Fructosamine Test can quickly provide the answer without the need to go back for more blood.”

Dr. Graham Bilbrough

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