Cornerstone Practice Management Software

Increase practice efficiency and profitability when all aspects of your practice work better together

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Strengthen your client relationships and build healthy connections.

Stay up-to-the-minute on every case for better patient care and more responsive client service.

Take advantage of supplies and solutions that help you run an efficient practice.

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Achieve your practice goals with the right tools at your fingertips.

Know where to find every file

Enhanced medical notes screen shot from the Cornerstone Software
Know where to find every file

It’s easy to capture and store your patients’ medical records electronically with Enhanced Medical Notes.

Monitor patient care

Electronic whiteboard screen shot from the Cornerstone Software
Monitor patient care

Monitor every patient’s care and progress, and capture all billable items in real time with the Cornerstone Electronic Whiteboard.

Improve client communications

Woman checking out at the clinic counter
Improve client communications

Dr. Stewart Silverman explains how Cornerstone software and Pet Health Network Pro helps improve client communication to increase compliance and loyalty.

Improve inventory management

Manage your inventory work flow more efficiently and accurately with automated inventory systems. Cornerstone 8.4 NEXT enhances inventory management with expanded distributor integration, including Patterson eShelf integrated ordering.

Build stronger practice relationships

Improve communications with other clinics using specialty, referral and emergency practice tools.

Measure your success

Measure your performance and determine how to increase profitability with your choice of over 400 customizable reports.

Take advantage of every care opportunity

Receive automatic alerts so you never miss a care opportunity with the Compliance Assessment Tool.

Integrate your diagnostic instrument services

Eliminate errors caused by illegible handwriting and reduce the time needed to input data, file, and walk between different areas of your practice. Cornerstone 8.4 NEXT improves your reference laboratory ordering work flow with advanced search, automatic updates, and quick access to the top 20 most frequently ordered tests.

View digital images with the new PACS 4.1 viewer

With Cornerstone 8.4 NEXT, PACS upgrades are automatic. A visual shot tree lets you easily select images and there are fewer steps overall for a more streamlined work flow. Your most recent images are accessible from the PACS home screen.

Client Communications

Improve client communications for the best experiences, better retention and increased referrals

Be the first and best resource
Pet Health Network Pro options: cards, web site, phone

Create personalized, meaningful connections before, during and after each visit with IDEXX Pet Health Network Pro.

Bring conversations to life
3D animation of an animal's patella

Engage clients for better understanding and compliance using vivid 3-D animations to reinforce your recommendations with IDEXX Pet Health Network 3D.

Stay connected with clients
Various reminder card options

Easily stay in touch with the flexibility and variety of reminder cards available from IDEXX Reminder Services.

Practice Solutions

Solutions that help you stay focused on what matters most

Streamline your credit card processes
Pet owner handing a vet tech a credit card to pay for services

Check clients out more smoothly and process credit and debit card transactions with fewer errors and easier reconciliations with payment solutions.

Stop worrying about practice information security
Vet tech running a back up of the practice management system

Enjoy secure, automated backup and data recovery.

Optimize your Cornerstone software performance
Tablet with Cornerstone electronic whiteboard screen

Find solutions that meet your unique needs and are compatible with your existing hardware, software and goals.

Keep your practice running smoothly
Prescription labels, cards, invoice and statement paper

Find everything you need to run an efficient practice.

Maintain a competitive advantage
Veterinarian using the practice dashboard report to gain insights to the practice

Get the practice performance information you need to adjust and change course quickly with the IDEXX Practice Dashboard Report.

Keep track of every patient in your practice
Dog with yellow pet ID collar

Know where every patient and their belongings are during their stay with our pet identification system.


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