Version 9.5 upgrade for your Cornerstone Software

There is so much to love in Cornerstone 9.5



  • Improved navigation of client, patient, and item lists
  • Ability to “favorite” reports for quick access
  • 30+ improvements for inventory workflows and reports
  • Reason-for-visit inactivation and defaults
  • New Client Communications tab
  • New Appointment Audit Report
  • Reminder and callback enhancements

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Estimate your upgrade time—it's less than you think


On average, this takes 30–60 minutes based on the following:
  • Database size
  • Current software version
  • Diagnostic image history

Upgrades from versions 9.3 and lower require a database rebuild; this can take an additional 10-30 minutes.


On average, this takes 15–30 minutes per workstation:
  • Note that you can upgrade up to 3 workstations at a time
“Our fastest upgrade ever—12 workstations took and hour and 15 minutes!”

—Dr. Kenneth O’Hanlon, All Pets Medical Center, Altus, Oklahoma

Follow this 5-step plan


1. Check to see if you have the upgrade.

Directions to find your upgrade on the server


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2. Pick a day and time to upgrade.

Choose a convenient day and time for your business.

3. Make sure your system is good to go.

Cornerstone 9.5 Software is for practices running Cornerstone 8.5 or later.

Hardware and system recommendations

4. Freshen up on the installation steps.

Installation overview

5. Get your staff up to speed on the new features in Cornerstone 9.5 Software.

Read the release notes or watch the video tour below.

Release notes

Cornerstone 9.5 training for your team


See what's new with Cornerstone 9.5

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Installation overview
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Hardware systems
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Release notes
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