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Here you’ll find materials that support Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) recommendations for vector-borne disease testing and prevention that will help your team engage customers, increase compliance, and protect your pet patients all year long. See CAPC guidelines and recommendations.

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Create a social buzz with posts on your practice Facebook page. Use these posts to educate pet owners on the importance of regular screening and year-round prevention for mosquito- and tick-borne diseases.

Copy and paste the below text and link into your Facebook status. An image will automatically appear with the link.

Which diseases may affect your pet?

Do you know which diseases may affect your pet because of the ticks and mosquitoes that are in your area?

Check out this interactive map to see for yourself.



Ticks transmit a lot of nasty infectious agents.

Learn more about them and how you can protect yourself and your pets.


Ticks are gross!

But ignoring them won’t make them go away. This video shows you how to check your dog for ticks and protect your pet from the diseases ticks carry.



Fight back against tick-borne diseases.



Get ticked off!

Avoid misinformation and learn the right way to remove a tick from your dog.


Have you seen these parasites?


Test and protect your pet!





Copy and paste this content into your practice email to remind pet owners before and thank them after patient visits.

Before the visit?

Remind pet owners of their pet’s upcoming appointment and the importance of bringing their pet in for preventive care visits.

Email copy

Client consent form


Afer the visit

Send a follow-up email to:

  • Thank pet owners for coming in.
  • Reinforce the good decisions they’ve made for the health of their pet.
  • Provide tips for continued pet protection, including links to educational articles.
  • Reinforce the importance of their next preventive visit.

Email copy


Make sure your entire staff is knowledgeable about mosquito- and tick-borne diseases and the benefits of preventive care, including the use of parasite prevention. Log in or create an account at the IDEXX Learning Center to use these resources.

IDEXX Learning Center

Find a wealth of information to help educate your staff and increase their confidence when talking with pet owners about the benefits of vector-borne screening and prevention.

Vector-borne Disease Management Learning Track

  • Basics of tick-borne diseases
  • Coinfection and the significance of multiple diseases
  • Resources to help increase compliance and improve client communication
STEPS—Simple Tools for Effective Protocols

Increase staff confidence in talking with pet owners about vector-borne disease screening and prevention.

Four video role plays about how to talk with pet owners for better compliance

Regular checkup role play

Pet owner and technician role play

Pet owner and veterinarian reviewing negative test results role play

Pet owner and veterinarian reviewing positive test results role play

Scripts for technicians and veterinarians

How to talk with clients about screening for parasitic diseases in dogs

Online resources

The emerging threat of vector-borne diseases

Answers to pet owners’ most commonly asked questions

Team education