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Discover More with IDEXX Preventive Care

Learn how to access tools to help you manage the life-long health of your patients and your client relationships. 

Only IDEXX provides the tests, tools, and team to help you manage the life-long health of your patients and your client relationships. IDEXX Preventive Care offers: 

  • The most complete and advanced menu of tests on your IDEXX Preventive Care Profile.
  • Tools and technology that make protocol implementation and client compliance easier.
  • A team of experts that provide personalized guidance, support, and expertise.

And now, you can access these tools and more easily implement preventive care protocols in your practice through the new IDEXX Preventive Care Resource Center on  

Discover more with the IDEXX Preventive Care Profile

With the most complete and advanced menu of tests on your IDEXX Preventive Care Profile, your team can uncover more underlying disease in seemingly healthy patients. Gain deeper insight on your patients with these tests: 

  • IDEXX SDMA Test—What are pets’ kidneys telling you about their health? Listen closer with the IDEXX SDMA Test. SDMA is a sensitive indicator of kidney function that detects diseases of the kidney sooner and reflects other disease processes affecting the kidneys.1–3 
  • IDEXX CBC testing—Complete blood counts (CBCs) performed at IDEXX Reference Laboratories are the most comprehensive CBCs available. Only IDEXX automatically includes reticulocyte count and reticulocyte hemoglobin on all canine and feline CBCs.
  • Fecal Dx antigen testing—Detect more intestinal parasite infections, earlier than fecal flotation. A single test finds hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms, even when eggs are not present.4
  • IDEXX 4Dx Plus Test—The IDEXX 4Dx Plus Test is a standard for accurate detection of heartworm and tick-borne disease. Peer-reviewed studies support that the IDEXX 4Dx Plus Test is the most accurate screening test available.5–7
Discover more tools for implementation and client communication

The tools and technology provided by IDEXX make your life easier and can help you increase client compliance. Client communication materials can be used before, during, and after each patient’s visit to educate clients. Personalized client-friendly result summaries provided by VetConnect PLUS help clients better understand their pets’ medical conditions so they can make the most informed decisions about their care. Practice resources help support the IDEXX Preventive Care protocols you implement, and complementary online training is available for your entire team through the IDEXX Learning Center.

Discover more from a team dedicated to your success

You’ll receive personalized support, guidance, and expertise from a team in-clinic and on the phone. The IDEXX Preventive Care team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way. 

  • Your go-to partner for implementing preventive care in your practice, your local Veterinary Diagnostic Consultant personalizes your IDEXX Preventive Care Profile, consults on preventive care as a growth initiative for your practice, and supports implementation of diagnostic protocols.
  • A Professional Service Veterinarian provides medical education in your practice, educates your staff on the value of preventive care, and shares case studies and real-world examples. 
  • Helping you implement protocols and optimize workflow, your Field Service Representative supports practice management software updates and trains your staff on new processes. 
  • Medical Consultants provide direct live access and personalized guidance and support on clinical decision-making.

In addition to the resources available on the IDEXX Preventive Care Resource Center, you can access the “Implementing Preventive Care” booklet available from the American Animal Hospital Association. This excellent resource provides additional helpful tips for implementing IDEXX Preventive Care in your practice. 

Ready to take advantage of all the IDEXX Preventive Care Resource Center has to offer? Learn more here.



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