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A comprehensive approach for itchy patients

Multiple tools to assist in the diagnosis of itchy patients

Regionally specific panels to assist in the formulation of immunotherapy

Immunotherapy in either sublingual and subcutaneous administration

Complimentary expert consultations with a board-certified dermatologist.

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Featured tests

Sarcoptes Antibody ELISA

Canine (code: 3538)

The Sarcoptes Antibody ELISA helps confirm or rule out a suspicion of sarcoptic mange in dogs based on clinical signs. The condition is currently diagnosed by skin scraping but most often confirmed through response to treatment.

Ringworm RealPCR Panel

Canine/Feline (code: 3565)

With the Ringworm RealPCR Panel, you get accurate results faster than the dermatophyte test media (DTM) plate. Results from this test are available in 1–3 working days.

Aller-g-detect Allergen Preliminary Panel

Canine/Feline (code: 3478)

Aller-g-detect Allergen Preliminary Panel provides a low-cost serum test that detects allergen-specific antibodies against four common allergen groups: mites/molds, grasses, weeds and trees. Use this panel to confirm if your patient is a good candidate for immunotherapy through IDEXX.

Allergen Panel (Standard Regional, Insect, Food, Farm & Stable)


Eight regionally specific panels ensure you are testing for only the most relevant allergens in your area and none that are not. Use this look-up tool to find the panel that is right for your region. We also offer allergen panels for insect, farm and stable, food and equine.

Immunotherapy—subcutaneous and sublingual options


Allergen-specific immunotherapy (ASIT) is the only available treatment that may change the long-term course of the disease in your atopic patients. IDEXX offers subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy with prescriptions compounded by GREER Pharmacy and delivered within 1 week.

Build-up phase: 3 months
Maintenance dose: 2–3 times per month
Solution: Aqueous

Build-up phase: 14 days
Maintenance dose: Once daily
Solution: Glycerin

Common itchy patient codes

3538—Sarcoptes Antibody ELISA—Canine

3565—Ringworm RealPCR Panel—Canine/Feline

3478—Aller-g-detect Allergen Preliminary Panel—Canine/Feline

Allergen Panel (Standard Regional, Insect, Food, Farm and Stable)—Canine/Feline: Find the panel that’s right for your region.


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