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No specimen? No problem.

Use IDEXX completion test codes to submit your specimen at a later date.
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You have up to 28 days to submit a specimen

Hey, it happens. You place an order for an IDEXX Reference Laboratories test, and for whatever reason, you are unable to obtain a proper specimen to submit. No problem. With IDEXX completion test codes, you can submit specimens to complete select IDEXX Reference Laboratories profiles for up to four weeks from your original submission date.

Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Confirm that it has been less than 28 days since the original profile submission.
  2. Locate the completion test code for the specimen being submitted and verify that it is from the same patient and matches the missing component of the original profile submission.
  3. Submit a new requisition form using the applicable completion test code plus the 10-digit accession number from the original profile submission.

Please make note of this important change:

Beginning August 3, 2021, completion test codes submitted after 28 days or not related to a prior patient specimen submission will be invoiced for the applicable billable test code.

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