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Create more meaningful client experiences through personalized communication

Strengthen client relationships and improve compliance.

Bring your recommendations to life in the examination room with vivid three-dimensional animations.

Stay connected with pet owners using automated reminders.

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Pet Health Network Pro

See how IDEXX Pet Health Network Pro can help make your practice the go-to source for your patients’ health before, during and after each visit.



Inform and prepare clients before they arrive


Create a better experience during every visit


Extend the connection after they go home

Pet Health Network 3D

A highly visual client communication tool

The Pet Health Network 3D client communication tool replaces cumbersome plastic anatomy models and brings examination room conversation to life to enhance compliance.

The Pet Health Network 3D tool lets you:
  • Access a complete content library that's reviewed and approved by a team of board-certified veterinary specialists.
  • View and share a wide range of relevant medical topics and instructional home care.
  • Email animations and videos to reinforce your recommendations after the visit.
  • Educate and entertain pet owners from the comfort of your reception area with the Reception feature, which includes videos from Pet Health Network.

Use it as a native app for iPad and Android devices or as a web-based application.

Topics and 3D visuals available

New content is being added all the time.

Osteo-articular disorders

Content: stifle, elbow, shoulder, pelvis, osteo-arthritis, limbs fractures

Ear disorders

Content: treatment and prevention, disorders of the pinna, ear canal

Respiratory disorders

Content: upper respiratory tract, lower respiratory tract

Eye disorders

Content: care and management, diseases

Digestive disorders

Content: pharynx and esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines

Skin disorders

Content: diagnostic, diseases

Disorders of the vertebral column

Content: disk disorders (canine only)

Oral cavity disorders

Content: anatomy and dental formulas, radiology, congenital anomalies, trauma, periodontitis (tartar), dental abscess, oro-nasal fistula, gingival disorders, tooth resorptive lesion (feline only)

Adult prevention: annual checkup

Content: vaccines, internal parasites, external parasites, neutering, pet insurance

Prevention: first puppy/kitty visit

Content: vaccines, internal parasites, external parasites, pet insurance

Genital disorders

Content: male, female

Urinary tract disorders

Content: upper urinary tract, lower urinary tract

Home care

Content: ear management, eye management, teeth and oral cavity (canine only), anal sacs (canine only), administer a treatment

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