IDEXX 360 New Practice Program

The affordable way to launch your new veterinary practice at the forefront of care


Get started with no capital costs
  • No upfront costs or lease required
  • Easy-to-meet step-up commitment grows as your client base grows
  • No commitment in year 1

Tell me about this program

New practices have a lot of competing priorities and expenses

With the IDEXX 360 New Practice Program, you can eliminate capital costs while experiencing:
  • An integrated solution.
  • Complete testing flexibility. 
  • Personalized support.
This program is for you if you are: 
  • Dreaming of starting a new veterinary practice.
  • Planning to open a new veterinary practice.

Access to the highest-quality, most accurate, and innovative diagnostic tools in the industry

With IDEXX in your corner, you'll be able to practice medicine the way you want to.

SDMA testing

Detects kidney health issues with as little as 25% loss of kidney function versus up to 75% using other methods.1–3

Fecal Dx antigen testing

Detects 2X more infections due to hookworm, roundworm, whipworm, than fecal flotation.4

SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer

Results reveal that 1 in 3 “healthy” patients show significant abnormalities.4

SNAP tests

Deliver superior accuracy backed by 100 peer-reviewed studies.4

Build your suite of IDEXX analyzers, tests, diagnostic imaging tools, and services

Choose any or all of the following—available at no charge. Simply use IDEXX tests and services to meet your commitment.

Catalyst One
Unprecedented clinical insight in one sample run during the patient visit

ProCyte Dx
In-house hematology with reference laboratory-quality results in real time

SediVue Dx
The new standard for urine sediment analysis

Automatically reads and captures IDEXX UA Strip results  

IDEXX VetLab Station
All your diagnostic results in one convenient place

Diagnostic imaging

ImageVue DR50 
First low-dose radiography system in veterinary medicine

ImageVue DR40
Flat-panel detector captures images in under 8 seconds

ImageVue CR20
Delivers sharp, detailed images in 33 seconds

Practice management software

Easy, secure integration with veterinary apps and diagnostics

Brilliantly simple, ready-to-go veterinary software.

 IDEXX 360 New Practice Program: the affordable way to launch your veterinary practice at the forefront of care

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