IDEXX FecalChek Home Collection Kit

A convenient solution for pet owners

The IDEXX FecalChek Home Collection Kit makes it easy for pet owners to collect and send in their pet’s fecal sample for intestinal parasite screening—enabling comprehensive preventive care.

Driving compliance with Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) testing recommendations is a win for everyone.

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Healthy pets

Reduce the risk of infection to other pets and family members with timely treatment.

Satisfied clients

Make it easy and convenient for pet owners. They simply collect the sample and drop the kit (which is addressed to IDEXX Reference Laboratories) into the nearest mailbox.

Profitable practice

Enhance your clients’ experience while increasing your diagnostic and treatment revenue.

One small box contains everything you and pet owners need to ensure pets are tested for fecal parasites.

Simple, step-by-step instructions | Fecal sample vial | Preaddressed, postage-paid mailing box

How to use the IDEXX FecalChek Home Collection Kit


  1. Complete a test requisition form as you do today, put the form in the sample bag, and put the bag in the mailing box. (Be sure to instruct the pet owner not to remove the test requisition form.)
  2. Write your account number (it’s on the test requisition form) and patient’s name on the fecal sample vial, and put the vial in the mailing box.
  3. Give the IDEXX FecalChek kit to the pet owner.

Pet owner

  1. Scoops the sample and seals it in the vial.
  2. Places the vial in the sample bag and puts the bag in the mailing box.
  3. Closes the box and drops it in their mailbox or the nearest U.S. Postal Service mailbox.

IDEXX Reference Laboratories

Sends test results to the practice or provides them via VetConnect PLUS the next day after receiving the IDEXX FecalChek kit from the pet owner.

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