Cardiopet ECG Device

The IDEXX Cardiopet ECG Device Offers a Better Work Flow for ECGs That’s Easier On Pets, Too

Veterinarians are excited about the new CardioPet ECG Device, and with good reason. The device allows veterinary practices to capture and stream their patients’ electrocardiograms (ECGs) wirelessly to a PC or Android device.

No more using a telephone to send ECGs—the CardioPet software transmits ECGs directly to VetMedStat. What’s more, veterinarians can now capture readings from all six leads together in real time and transmit them all at once, vastly improving the ECG work flow.

Another feature of the new CardioPet device that’s getting rave reviews: the leads feature comfort clips with flat tips that connect with less pressure to alleviate discomfort and help animals stay calm.

The new CardioPet device also lets veterinarians record 30 seconds of data and send it to IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants anytime, instead of having to send while the animal is on the table. And, using the IDEXX-PACS™ Imaging Software, radiographs and ECGs can be submitted together at the same time for a more complete diagnostic consultation.

Learn more about the ECG device at or call 1-800-726-1212 to order now.