5 Ways IDEXX Web PACS Specialty Software Will Improve Your Specialty Practice’s Workflow

A vet uses IDEXX Web PACS specialty software

In your busy specialty practice, you understand the value of having your images integrated and having access to high-quality tools to help you care for as many pets as possible. By streamlining your workflow and becoming more efficient with the aid of technology—we know, it can be overwhelming—your time is freed up to perform more veterinary-specific tasks, rather than sending email after email or playing phone tag. With integrated systems, automated workflows, and advanced imaging tools, you can save time, money, and effort, putting these resources to much better use. Discover five ways the IDEXX Web PACS Specialty Software will improve your specialty practice’s workflow, enabling you to be more efficient and focus on what matters—gold-standard patient care.

#1: Hanging protocols reduce radiograph review time by 25%1

How often do you get in a discussion about the correct way to hang radiographs? Although each veterinarian may have a preference, simplifying the process with a set hanging protocol best utilizes your diagnostic time and ensures no diagnostic data is missed. The IDEXX Web PACS Specialty Software “hangs” radiographs using a set protocol, eliminating the time you spend flipping, rotating, and shuffling through images. Using best practices, your images will be properly oriented and be categorized according to the body part, saving you precious time—as much as 25%. 1

#2: Integration with multiple PIMS ensures continuity from check-in to checkout

Are you sure you charged appropriately for the 12 radiographs you took during a barium study? Maybe you missed charging for a few images while evaluating that 30-pound dachshund’s spine. With the IDEXX Web PACS Specialty Software’s seamless integration, missed imaging charges are a thing of the past. By integrating with multiple PIMS—and, more on the way—your patient’s information travels throughout your hospital as soon as they’re checked in. No more duplicate patient records with mismatched patient names. The IDEXX Web PACS Specialty Software pulls patient information straight from the PIMS to ensure continuity and accuracy from start to finish, in addition to preventing lost revenue through missed charges.

#3: IDEXX Web PACS Specialty Software works with all DICOM images

As a specialty practice veterinarian, you’ve likely seen a wide range of quality in images you have received from general practices. From cell phone shots of computer screens to high-resolution DICOM images, you’ve made do with what you receive. But, when working with various imaging modalities in a multispecialty practice, you want to ensure consistency and diagnostic quality across all images. So, whether you’re comparing abdominal ultrasound images to radiographs or reviewing an MRI, you can easily view all DICOM modalities in their original format without switching between software programs.

You can also enjoy other benefits when viewing DICOM images with the IDEXX Web PACS Specialty Software. For example, page through multiple frame captures to focus on particular points of interest, and mark up key images to save for collaborating with other departments. Additionally, lock and synchronize CT and MR image stacks for comparing pre- and postcontrast studies, rather than searching through each slice for diagnostic evidence. With all the ways you can view, compare, and coordinate DICOM images, the automation and compatibility features vastly improve your workflow and efficiency.

#4: Seamless software updates mean no downtime for your workstations

Nothing is more frustrating than tying up workstations to allow for updates during the day, especially if you’re the one who has to go from computer to computer, clicking through a 20-minute update process. However, with the IDEXX Web PACS Specialty Software, tedious updates are obsolete. Quick, automatic updates are performed with no effort on your end, plus they leave your workstations accessible for actual work, which is nonstop in a specialty practice. Every second counts when you’re caring for a critical patient, and there’s no time to spare for lengthy updates.

#5: Connect with other veterinarians in real time to discuss a case

We’ve all seen the Yorkie with horrendous dental disease, a grade 5 heart murmur, and luxating patellas. After a lifetime of minimal to no veterinary care, this poor pup has hit the jackpot with a new family and is undergoing a thorough workup for each disease. With multiple specialists working on the case to give this dog a new “leash” on life, it can be tough to coordinate care and communication across departments. However, the ability to collaborate in real time with other specialists directly through the IDEXX Web PACS Specialty Software eliminates the time typically spent emailing radiographs, ultrasound recordings, and more diagnostic information back and forth. By using cloud-based software, any specialist can view images and coordinate the best treatment plan with minimal time wasted.

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  1. 1. Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Westbrook, Maine USA.