SNAPconnect Software

Download Free SNAPconnect Software for Your SNAPshot DSR Reader


SNAPconnect software lets you connect your SNAPshot DSR Reader to a PC. 

With SNAPconnect software, you can control the reader from your PC, download records to your hard drive and display, customize and print reports.

NOTE: You will need a serial or a USB A/B cable to connect the reader to your PC.

Download the SNAPconnect Software Operator's Guide (PDF, 314 KB)

To download the SNAPconnect software:

  1. Start your reader.
  2. From the Main screen, select Utilities, then System Test.
  3. Download the appropriate version

NOTE: If you ever receive a "Sync Mismatch, Please Upgrade" error on your reader, the wrong version of SNAPconnect software is installed.

If your software version is not here, please contact technical service at 1-800-321-0207.

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