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IDEXX PI-3 Ab Test

Respiratory Diseases

The IDEXX PI-3 Ab Test detects antibodies specifically directed to the parainfluenza type 3 virus in individual bovine sera. The detection of a seroconversion is necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

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  • Biphasic format

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P00652-2 (2 plates/strips)

About Respiratory Diseases

Despite typically mild, nonspecific symptoms, bovine respiratory diseases threaten herd health worldwide by leaving infected cattle susceptible to dangerous secondary infections, such as bacterial pneumonia.

The most frequently found bronchopulmonary viruses are the bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV), the parainfluenza virus (PI-3) and the adenovirus (ADV). These viruses spread via nasal secretions and primarily affect young cattle, with calves aged 1–4 months being the most susceptible.

Because the diseases present with similar symptoms—cough, dyspnea, oculonasal sniffles and diarrhea—their diagnosis often requires laboratory testing to detect antibodies directed to BRSV, PI3 or ADV.

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