Raising replacements?

Protect your reputation by testing for BVDV

Identifying persistently infected (PI) animals helps in two ways: 

  • Protects your reputation by maximizing confidence in the quality of your heifers
  • Improves overall health of animals in your facility by reducing the risk of PI exposure

Learn how to test

Why test?

Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) suppresses a cow’s immune system, making the animal susceptible to a host of other infections. That’s why BVDV is one of the world’s most costly bovine diseases, with losses of $15–$88 per head from reduced herd productivity, health, and reproductive efficiency.1

Testing strategy


Test all heifers to determine status of your herd.
Make management decisions on PI positives.


Test all incoming heifers before they are comingled with the herd.

How to test

Find out more about Alertys pregnancy testing options.


  1. Shelton T, Coe M. Screening, removing BVD-PI cows pays big. Progressive Dairyman. 2014;28(18):85–89. Published November 6, 2014. Accessed June 15, 2018.