IDEXX Releases New Web-Based Software for Radiology

IDEXX Web PACS introduces a ground-breaking solution for accessing, storing and sharing diagnostic images

Westbrook, Maine, September 9, 2015 — IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDXX) today announced the release of IDEXX Web PACS, cloud-based software that allows veterinarians to access diagnostic images such as x-rays and ultrasounds from any web-enabled device, eliminating the need for manual backup and local servers. IDEXX Web PACS, accessible on the web through IDEXX VetConnect PLUS, provides centralized access to imaging results, updates automatically and offers unlimited storage capacity for images and their diagnostic information.

“IDEXX Web PACS is designed to make veterinarians’ jobs easier by providing an interactive tool for collaborating with colleagues anywhere, anytime and on any device,” said Dr. Heidi Fritz of Aberdeen Veterinary Clinic in Aberdeen, Md. “We no longer need to act as IT managers and instead can focus on improving the standard of care for our patients with efficient image review and a streamlined diagnostic process. This is truly a game changer for the profession.”

The new software features unique sharing capabilities that completely transform how veterinarians can collaborate and consult. Called Interactive Collaboration, it allows colleagues to dynamically review, discuss and enhance images in real time. Veterinarians can share a radiology image using the IDEXX Web PACS software with colleagues, specialists or clients located anywhere in the world so that others can see exactly what the referring veterinarian is seeing. The software’s graphic tools enable virtual collaboration among participants, regardless of whether they are users of IDEXX Web PACS. Veterinary practices can therefore benefit from the expertise of the broadest range of colleagues and specialists.

The software also provides advanced radiology measurement tools as well as unlimited storage capacity for image backup to archive patient radiographs and imaging studies. In addition, IDEXX Web PACS integrates seamlessly with VetConnect PLUS and IDEXX Cornerstone® Practice Management Software, providing veterinarians with a comprehensive patient profile of diagnostic results to ensure the most accurate diagnoses possible.

“Easy access to radiographic studies that are secure and shareable is often crucial to making an accurate diagnosis,” said Jonathan W. Ayers, president and chief executive officer, IDEXX Laboratories. “IDEXX Web PACS opens the door to practicing better medicine and will enable veterinarians to get the most out of their investment in radiography. At IDEXX, we support the profession with diagnostic technology that advances the standard of care in a cost-effective manner.”

IDEXX Web PACS software interfaces with other DICOM®-compliant modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, dental and ultrasound, and is available on a subscription basis. The monthly rate is determined by both the practice’s imaging volume per month and the number of imaging sources. The full IDEXX Web PACS diagnostic tool set, image sharing and collaboration features are included in the monthly rate.

For more information about IDEXX Web PACS, visit or watch the video.

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