IDEXX Now Shipping Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer

Real-time diagnostic results support healthier pets; enabling technology to be accessible by virtually all veterinary practices

WESTBROOK, Maine, November 4, 2014 — IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDXX) began shipping and installing new customer orders for the Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer. This transformational instrument allows veterinary practices of all sizes to realize the same benefits of reference laboratory-quality, in-house chemistry found in its Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer. The Catalyst One analyzer is the industry’s first to combine chemistry, electrolytes and total T4 in one sample run with results available during the patient visit. The Catalyst One analyzer also puts the benefit of unprecedented clinical insight within reach of virtually all veterinary practices, allowing them to facilitate improved pet-owner compliance with care recommendations and, ultimately, healthier pets.

“IDEXX is dedicated to helping veterinarians succeed—regardless of their practice size or location,” said Jonathan W. Ayers, president and chief executive officer, IDEXX Laboratories. “We designed the Catalyst One analyzer to deliver industry-leading performance in a way that is economically appealing with an attractive cost per test that makes it accessible to virtually all practices. A practice that does as little as one chemistry profile a day will find the Catalyst One analyzer economically attractive. We’re gratified that since early Q1 2014, when we announced the Catalyst One Introductory Offer in the U.S., approximately 80% of all new in-house chemistry orders have been for the Catalyst One analyzer.”

The Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer joined the Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer and VetTest Chemistry Analyzer in January of 2014 as part of the comprehensive, integrated point-of-care and reference laboratory diagnostic solution from IDEXX. The Catalyst One analyzer includes onboard whole blood separation and pipetting for work-flow efficiency, leverages IDEXX’s proven dry-slide technology, and offers a comprehensive menu of 30 different tests for blood and urine, including fructosamine, phenobarbital and UPC ratio, as well as preloaded slide CLIPs for easy, efficient test profile customization.

“Whether it’s a sick or wellness visit, our goal is to understand everything we can about the health of our patients,” said Matthew Holden, DVM, Oxford Hills Veterinary Hospital, South Paris, Maine. “After using the Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer for several months during field trials, we found it delivers the kind of real-time results that can help me and my staff get ahead of a diagnosis and more positively affect patient outcomes. The Catalyst One analyzer also gives me the information I need to offer fast, confident answers for pet owners, which means greater compliance for treatment plans and additional testing, when needed. The ease, efficiency and economics of the Catalyst One analyzer have made it possible for Oxford Hills Veterinary Hospital to achieve a higher level of care with every patient that just wasn’t accessible to us until now.”

The Catalyst One analyzer also provides access to a complete range of fully integrated IDEXX diagnostic solutions and services, including IDEXX VetConnect PLUS, a free mobile and cloud-based diagnostic patient portal that notifies veterinarians in real time when results are ready. For practices that use the Catalyst One analyzer in conjunction with the leading IDEXX ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer, IDEXX VetConnect PLUS delivers comprehensive chemistry and hematology results for individual patients on just one screen.

Reflecting the Company’s focus on delivering one-step, reference laboratory-quality diagnostics to all veterinarians is its new total T4 slide. Essential to assessing thyroid function, the total T4 slide can be added easily to any sample run, simplifying practice work flow and reducing the cost of providing a complete chemistry solution. The Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer is available through your IDEXX Veterinary Diagnostic Consultant or by calling 1-888-79-IDEXX. For more information about the Catalyst One analyzer, go to

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