IDEXX Expands SediVue Dx Analyzer Medical Utility and Imaging Capabilities with Latest Software Update

World’s largest veterinary image library powers Neural Network 4.0 advancements

WESTBROOK, Maine, January 21, 2019—IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDXX), a global leader in veterinary diagnostics and software, today announced an update to its SediVue Dx® Urine Sediment Analyzer with its Neural Network 4.0 software release, expanding the analyzer’s diagnostic capabilties. This update will be implemented across all SediVue Dx analyzer customers by the end of March, and reflects IDEXX’s ongoing commitment to support the profession, advancing the standard of care with innovation. 

This update includes two new parameters that aid in assessing liver function and blood disorders in critical care situations. IDEXX's nearly 6,000 SediVue Dx analyzer customers worldwide will benefit from this release and the enhanced medical capabilities of the instrument when performing urine sediment analysis, a core component of a urinalysis.

“Urine sediment analysis is an important part of a patient’s minimum diagnostic workup. With the SediVue Dx analyzer, I am more confident that I’m getting an accurate understanding of a patient’s health status and the potential of underlying disease,” said Dr. Roger Kendrick, Owner of Country Club Pet Hospital in Mansfield, TX. “The fact that my Sedivue Dx analyzer continues to get smarter over time and updates itself automatically is why I partner with IDEXX.”

The two new crystals—ammonium biurate and bilirubin—form in the urine when certain liver dysfunction and blood disorders are present. These additional parameters help veterinarians understand when a patient might have a very serious liver or blood disease that requires immediate intervention.

An enhanced focus algorithm also provides even more detailed images in certain circumstances that enable more accurate identification of sediment in even the most complex samples. 

This software update is powered by the world’s largest veterinary database of 175 million veterinary patient-generated images from more than 2.5 million fresh patient urine samples.

“Revolutionary technology like the SediVue Dx analyzer and its Neural Network machine-learning capabilities are a product of IDEXX’s relentless focus on innovation,” said Jonathan Ayers, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IDEXX Laboratories. “With IDEXX SmartService Solutions, all SediVue Dx analyzers will immediately benefit from this software advancement.”

IDEXX SmartServiceTM Solutions connects IDEXX devices globally, provides web-based customer service and support, and pushes regular updates to customers free of charge. For more information about IDEXX SmartService Solutions or the SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer, visit

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