IDEXX Expands Portfolio of Cloud Technology Offerings for Veterinary Industry

WESTBROOK, Maine, June 15, 2017 — IDEXX is pleased to announce that rVetLink has joined the IDEXX family. rVetLink is a comprehensive referral management solution for specialty care hospitals that greatly streamlines the referral process between primary care and specialty care veterinarians. This expands IDEXX’s suite of technology applications for the veterinary profession and underscores the company’s commitment to investing in innovations that advance the industry.

General practice veterinarians occasionally refer patients to board-certified specialists for advanced care in areas such as cardiology, oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, surgery, or internal medicine. rVetLink automates the time-consuming process of sharing medical records and images, and sending notifications to facilitate generalist-specialist collaboration in the delivery of care. These benefits are powered via rVetLink’s cloud technology that integrates with major specialty hospital management systems, including IDEXX Cornerstone Software and IDEXX DVMAX Software.

“We’ve been following the rVetLink team for some time, and we have observed the amazing success that rVetLink has achieved with specialty practices in making the flow of information more efficient, improving the delivery of specialized care,” said Mike Erickson, vice president and general manager of IDEXX Veterinary Software and Services. “We are thrilled to bring rVetLink into the IDEXX family and extend its capabilities with augmented resources. This investment reinforces our commitment to advancing specialty care medicine and the broader veterinary market.”

rVetLink cofounders Matt Russell and John McNally as well as Chief Technology Officer Matt Spradley will join IDEXX as full-time employees. Together, this team will lead the rVetLink team at IDEXX, with increases to both the engineering and customer teams, to accelerate the product roadmap, expand the software capabilities, and provide the best customer experience.

rVetLink will join IDEXX’s portfolio of veterinary software offerings, including cloud-based VetConnect PLUS, Neo, Animana, Petly Plans, Pet Health Network Pro, and IDEXX Web PACS, as well as the client-server practice management systems Cornerstone and DVMAX. More than 20,000 practices around the world rely on cloud-based software from IDEXX.

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