IDEXX Breakthrough Kidney Function Test Now Key Component of IRIS Staging Guidelines

New guidelines enhance the ability of veterinarians to assess renal function 

WESTBROOK, Maine, October 2, 2019—IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDXX), a global leader in veterinary diagnostics and software, today announced that SDMA-based chronic kidney disease (CKD) staging guidelines have now been generated and approved by the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS). IDEXX is working with IRIS to support clinicians in realizing the clinical utility of the SDMA test and in creating tools that help shape the future of veterinary medicine and patient care. This much-anticipated development will help veterinarians assess kidney function with reliable, quantitative guidelines. This update reflects the evolution of the veterinary profession’s understanding of the utility of SDMA since it was first added to the IRIS CKD staging guidelines in 2015.

To date, SDMA has helped veterinarians detect kidney function in more than 20 million cats and dogs and has transformed the way renal health is addressed in veterinary medicine. A persistently elevated SDMA concentration is an indication of a decreased glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Therefore, it detects loss of kidney function as a result of kidney diseases or secondary disease processes that impact kidney function. For these reasons, SDMA increases the clinician’s ability to monitor kidney function and helps veterinarians to accurately stage chronic kidney disease.

“As the leader in nephrology, IRIS has a responsibility to provide practicing veterinarians with evidence-based guidance for diagnosing, treating, and managing kidney diseases. Our responsibility includes providing the most useful direction in how to interpret diagnostic information,” said Dr. Gregory F. Grauer, President of the IRIS Board of Directors. “The inclusion of SDMA-based staging guidelines is the next step in our understanding of this important indicator of kidney function. Using both serum creatinine and SDMA could enhance one’s ability to evaluate renal function as they are complementary to each other.”

Many veterinarians have already adopted SDMA into their practices and have successfully used the innovative diagnostic as part of their protocols to support better patient care. With the updated IRIS staging guidelines, veterinarians will be able to more accurately understand the utility of SDMA and how to interpret it. 

“The expansion of IRIS staging to SDMA-based guidelines is a further proof point for this novel biomarker. IRIS has recognized how SDMA reflects kidney function. These updated SDMA-based staging guidelines will support clinicians in managing their CKD patients by staging and treating this condition appropriately,” said Jay Mazelsky, interim President and Chief Executive Officer of IDEXX Laboratories. “We’re thrilled to partner with IRIS on this important development that we know will help more veterinarians improve the standard of care by incorporating SDMA into their workflow.”

The IRIS CKD Staging Guidelines can be found on the IRIS website

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About IRIS
IRIS is the International Renal Interest Society. IRIS was created to advance the scientific understanding of kidney disease in small animals. It was originally organized at the 8th Annual Congress of the European Society of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Vienna, Austria, in 1998, with the support of Novartis Animal Health acquired by and now supported by Elanco Animal Health, a Division of Eli Lilly and Company, which provides funding and organizational assistance.

IRIS is led by a board of 15 independent veterinarians with particular expertise in nephrology, from 11 different countries. The mission of IRIS is to help veterinary practitioners better diagnose, understand, and treat renal disease in cats and dogs. In order to achieve this mission, the group investigates ways to accurately diagnose early signs of chronic renal disease and explores novel therapies for these diseases.

One of the organization's primary objectives is to establish an internationally recognized set of guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of renal disease in small animals.

As there is still much to learn in the field of veterinary nephrology, the members of the IRIS Board are dedicated to scientific efforts to study renal disease in order to advance our approach to this important problem.

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