Tina Hunt, PhD

Corporate Vice President and General Manager, VetLab, Diagnostic Imaging, and Telemedicine

IDEXX Corporate Vice President and General Manager, VetLab, Diagnostic Imaging, and Telemedicine

Dr. Hunt became Corporate Vice President at IDEXX in 2016, with a portfolio that includes the company’s VetLab, Diagnostic Imaging, and Telemedicine businesses. Dr. Hunt joined IDEXX in 2006 and in the past decade has served in various leadership roles in support of the company’s robust innovation pipeline, most recently leading the VetLab organization as Vice President and General Manager. In this role, she led development of market-leading veterinary diagnostic analyzers and assays for a growing and increasingly complex global market. Prior to joining IDEXX, Dr. Hunt served as Vice President at Woodard Curran, where she led the firm's litigation support practice. She holds a PhD in environmental engineering from Purdue University, an MBA from University of Southern Maine, and is a graduate of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business’s Executive Education Program.