IDEXX Expands Fecal Dx® Antigen Testing Platform with Cystoisospora Detection, Marking the Second Platform Expansion in Less than Two Years

Fecal Dx antigen testing will soon detect the most common intestinal parasites earlier, uncovering more infections

WESTBROOK, Maine, January 12, 2024—IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDXX), a global leader in pet healthcare innovation, announced the expansion of its Fecal Dx® antigen testing platform with the addition of Cystoisospora, a common intestinal parasite that causes diarrhea, weight loss, and dehydration, primarily in young dogs and cats. IDEXX’s Fecal Dx antigen testing offers earlier and highly accurate detection of the most common and clinically relevant intestinal parasites of dogs and cats: hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, flea tapeworms, and soon Cystoisospora. The launch of Fecal Dx antigen testing with Cystoisospora is planned for March in North America and globally in Q3 2024, available at IDEXX Reference Laboratories.

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) recommends fecal testing for puppies and kittens four times in their first year and twice-annual testing for adult pets, which underscores the importance of reliable testing for intestinal parasites during preventive care visits.1 The addition of Fecal Dx antigen testing detects up to five times more infections than flotation tests alone by identifying parasite-specific antigens rather than relying on the presence of eggs.2–4 With its industry-leading antigen detection capabilities, Fecal Dx antigen testing identifies infections earlier than other testing modalities,2–4 enabling veterinarians to develop targeted treatment and prevention plans with confidence.

“We are thrilled to announce the second expansion of the Fecal Dx antigen testing platform in less than two years, reinforcing our commitment to continuous innovation,” said Jay Mazelsky, President and Chief Executive Officer of IDEXX. “Early detection is key for intestinal parasites, which affect one in five dogs,5 and our highly differentiated antigen testing platform, soon with Cystoisospora, offers a comprehensive solution that accurately detects the most clinically relevant infections.”

Fecal Dx antigen testing continues to serve as a foundational tool for veterinary practices, eliminating the need for time-consuming fecal flotation testing and ultimately redeploying staff time back to patient and client care. Freeing up staff time is especially important when 87% of veterinary practices are looking to increase their operational efficiency.6 Fecal Dx antigen testing is supplemented by the IDEXX FecalChek® Home Collection Kit, a convenient submission solution for veterinarians, allowing pet owners to collect and send in their pet’s fecal specimen for intestinal parasite screening. In addition to the IDEXX FecalChek kit, IDEXX’s communication materials help veterinarians discuss the importance of fecal testing to promote improved pet owner compliance and, ultimately, better patient outcomes. 

“Antigen testing has emerged as a more reliable diagnostic test that provides earlier insights, and with the addition of Cystoisospora, Fecal Dx antigen testing detects all the intestinal parasites I commonly see in my patients,” said Dr. Michael Rose, Monticello Animal Hospital.* “By sending specimens to IDEXX Reference Laboratories, our practice benefits from not having to do manual testing, which saves time and improves our workflow.”

Cystoisospora will automatically be included in Fecal Dx antigen testing panels and profiles at the time of launch with no additional charge to customers. For more information, please visit the Fecal Dx antigen testing page.

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*Dr. Rose has received compensation for consulting services he has provided to IDEXX from time to time.