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Testimonials about Neo Software

Brilliantly simple

Neo Software is easy to navigate and use. We can have as many terminals as we wish and access the software from anywhere we need.

Dr. Retief Botha, Maroochydore Veterinary Surgery 

Get up and running quickly

The training was excellent, and within 12 hours our team was using Neo with no problems.

Dr. Gina Finney, Valet Vet Mobile Veterinary Services 

All the benefits of the cloud

After using other expensive, server-based software programs, I cannot recommend Neo Software enough. I initially planned to use Neo Software only until I could afford a larger system, now you couldn’t pay me enough to switch back!

Dr. Danielle Richardson, Coral Coast Veterinary Hospital

Safe and secure

I trust that my data is safe and secure because IDEXX uses the highest level of security available.

Dr. Evan Ware, Laveen Veterinary Center 

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