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Easier results trending using VetConnect PLUS

Neo users told us trending a patient's IDEXX diagnostic results in VetConnect PLUS should be easier, and they were right. So we've updated the scrolling functionality to be more intuitive on a smaller screen. Now when you click the arrow to see more results, the current result stays in focus, but the reference data closes to allow for easier comparison. 

Deliver virtual care to clients with TeleVet

Telemedicine offers a vital alternative channel for providing patient care your clients know and trust. The app TeleVet integrates with Neo to save time entering client and patient data, enables clients to book appointments and video consultations, and writes back remote visit details into the Neo patient consultation.

Vetcove lets you shop multiple vendors at once, and Appointment Admin updates

Vetcove is a free ordering platform to compare prices and purchase medications, food and veterinary supplies from multiple vendors at once. And Neo is the first practice management software to integrate with it!

Appointment scheduler enhancements

  • We’ve made visual improvements to the appointment schedule, including subtly changing the navigation buttons to be consistent with others you’ll see in Neo (and other IDEXX products).
  • The appointment schedule now opens to the current time when you navigate to the current day. Please note that you may need to scroll up to access the main nav buttons and patient quicklist on certain times of day.
  • On the appointment, the first row now includes the Client’s first name.
  • When patients are marked deceased, all future appointments and boarding reservations are automatically deleted from the Appointment and Boarding schedules.

One receipt for multiple invoices, and the best of VetConnect PLUS is built into Neo

Now when a client pays for multiple pets, all those transactions can go on a single receipt. Ditto for when a client pays multiple invoices for the same pet. Click the link for easy-to-follow instructions on selecting our new invoice form as your default.

And to save time and help you provide more personalized care, we’ve put even more of the power of VetConnect PLUS right inside Neo. Neo is the first practice management software with an interface that’s identical to the VetConnect PLUS online portal! You can trend and share results, send client friendly summaries, open diagnostic images—and more—without ever leaving Neo.