IDEXX VetLab® Station Volume Rebate

  • Earn IDEXX Points by meeting a monthly volume commitment on slides purchased.
  • IDEXX Points can be applied to your equipment lease or your IDEXX Reference Laboratories service invoice.

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IDEXX VetLab Station Volume Rebate

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Earn IDEXX Points on qualifying diagnostic purchases*


Purchases of these diagnostics qualify toward your monthly purchase levels:
All Catalyst® chemistry and electrolyte slides
All VetTest® slides

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  IDEXX VetLab® Station Volume Rebate Questions and Answers

  1. What is the IDEXX VetLab® Station Volume Rebate?

    In exchange for a commitment to purchase an IDEXX VetLab® Station Laboratory Information Management System, you will earn 55 IDEXX Points for each month that your practice’s purchases equal at least 80% of your current IDEXX VetTest® Chemistry Analyzer slide monthly purchase level.


    Additional terms and conditions:

    • The program begins the first day of the month following delivery and acceptance of the IDEXX VetLab Station and lasts for a term of 36 months, unless terminated earlier. Once the agreement is terminated, you will no longer earn IDEXX Points on the VetTest slide purchases you make under this program.

    • Rebates are issued in the form of IDEXX Points (1 point = $1). You can use IDEXX Points to purchase IDEXX products and services or the IDEXX Points to Lease Program can be set up to help offset the lease payment.

    • Only VetTest slides purchased from IDEXX or one of its authorized distributors and used in your practice count toward your qualifying monthly purchase level. This program cannot be combined with other programs, including the IDEXX Diagnostic Agreement, In-house Profile Agreement, Catalyst Dx Protocol Rebate program, Catalyst Dx Profile Partnership, Shelter Discount program, corporate account programs or contract pricing programs.

    • Participants remain eligible for SNAP Up the Savings rebates.

    • See your IDEXX VetLab® Station Volume agreement for more details.

  2. What happens if we do not meet the monthly threshold amount for purchases?

    If you do not meet the qualifying monthly purchase level in any month, you will not earn a rebate for that month. You may earn only one rebate per month.

  3. What happens if we purchase more than the threshold amount?

    IDEXX Points are managed on a monthly basis. Once your threshold has been met, you will not earn any additional IDEXX Points.

  4. Will we receive a monthly statement that indicates our monthly points earnings?

    Prior period and current period earnings to date can be viewed at

  5. What VetTest slides qualify for the rebate?

    All IDEXX chemistry and electrolyte slides qualify.

  6. If I choose to participate in the Points to Lease Program, what happens at the end of the 36-month term? Do I own the instrument outright?

    At the end of the agreement, you have the option to buy out the instrument from your leasing company for $1.

  7. Whom do I contact if I have questions around the IDEXX Points I’m earning?

    If you have questions regarding your earnings, please call IDEXX at 1-888-794-3399.

  8. If I choose to participate in the Points to Lease Program, am I still responsible for paying on a lease?

    You are responsible for any and all lease invoices; however, available IDEXX Points will be used to offset the lease cost if you participate in the Points to Lease Program. Points committed to in the Points to Lease Program agreement will be deducted each month, if available, and any remaining balance will be billed by the leasing company. See your Points to Lease Program agreement for more details.



IDEXX Points Terms and Conditions  


What are the IDEXX Points Terms and Conditions?

IDEXX Points-earning programs run on varying schedules. IDEXX will deposit points (based on your qualified activities) to your IDEXX Points account at the end of each program's point-earning period. IDEXX will provide quarterly statements to you that summarize your purchases, redemptions and IDEXX Points balance for any quarter in which your IDEXX Points account is active.

IDEXX Points expire annually on November 30, two years after the points were earned. For example, points earned on February 20, 2016, will expire on November 30, 2018. (However, IDEXX Points earned in December will expire one year and 11 months after they were earned.) Points will be redeemed or expired in the order they were earned. If your practice has not made IDEXX purchases in a 12-month period, all points will expire and the IDEXX Points account will be closed.

IDEXX Points will be calculated after discounts from other programs sponsored by IDEXX or its distributors have been applied. You will not be able to earn or use points if you are delinquent with any IDEXX affiliate, and IDEXX reserves the right to apply your points toward a delinquency. In order to earn IDEXX Points through an In-House Profile program, you must leave your IDEXX VetLab® Station and IDEXX SmartService Solutions on and connected at all times. To activate IDEXX SmartService Solutions, please call 1-800-695-2877, option 4. IDEXX is not responsible for paying on In-House Profile activity that takes place while your IDEXX VetLab Station or IDEXX SmartService Solutions is turned off or not connected properly.

You must purchase qualifying products and services from IDEXX.

IDEXX will track your activities by shipping address. If you own multiple practices, you must provide all practice addresses to IDEXX at the time of enrollment to receive credit for those locations. If practices are linked in this manner, they will have one group account and any practice in the group can redeem the group's earned IDEXX Points. IDEXX is not responsible for mediating any disputes regarding point ownership or redemptions among related practices. You must provide any change of address to IDEXX at the time of change. Please call IDEXX Customer Support at 1-800-248-2483 in order to link your practices.

IDEXX Points are owned and held by practices and not by individuals. Purchased products and services must be consumed by your practice(s) and may not be sold or otherwise transferred to any other practice except in conjunction with a change in ownership of the practice. If a point balance is being transferred as part of an ownership change, authorized representatives of both the seller and the buyer must notify IDEXX within 30 days of the ownership change.

IDEXX Points are not redeemable for cash.

IDEXX may, from time to time, offer other promotional or discount programs that may not be used in conjunction with this program. This program is only available in the U.S. and Canada. Corporate accounts, distributors, shelters and other nonprofit organizations may not be eligible to earn IDEXX Points or participate in IDEXX Points-earning programs. IDEXX reserves the right to determine eligibility in any IDEXX Points-earning program. Contact your IDEXX representative for more details on program availability. Purchases made with IDEXX Points include standard shipping and are subject to any applicable sales tax.

IDEXX reserves the right to modify or end this program or your participation in this program at any time. Continuing participation in IDEXX Points-earning opportunities confirms your acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions.