InterLink Application Download and Installation

Help your practice work in sync with the IDEXX InterLink application

Installation instructions

Four steps to a successful IDEXX InterLink application installation

  1. Complete the form below to ensure we can contact you regarding your InterLink application, if necessary.
  2. Download the IDEXX InterLink Application:

IDEXX InterLink (.exe)

  1. Follow the IDEXX InterLink Installation instructions (PDF) to download the IDEXX InterLink application successfully.
  2. Complete any additional steps that may be required for your practice management software.

Contact your practice management system provider if you are having difficulty.

System requirements

For IDEXX integration, you must have the following:

  • Active IDEXX Reference Laboratories account


  • IDEXX VetLab Station with IDEXX SmartService Solutions activated
  • Networked PCs within your practice
Contact information

Thank you.

You’re on your way to getting integrated with IDEXX.

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