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Maximize your IDEXX Cornerstone Practice Information Management Software performance

Veterinarian and vet tech conversing

Assess current Cornerstone software proficiency across your staff.

Identify goals and develop a plan for meeting them.

Measure and manage your staff’s performance.

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Analysis Services

Cornerstone Analysis Services

To register, call 1-800-283-8386.

Cornerstone Analysis Services ensures that your client, patient and medical information is set up in your system in a way that maximizes system performance to meet your unique practice goals. We analyze your practice’s Cornerstone usage to identify opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency and to implement best practices.

Work-flow overview analysis

During this three-hour session, you'll be introduced to Cornerstone features and optimal work flows. You'll review Cornerstone outpatient and inpatient work flows with a Cornerstone Coach to make decisions regarding feature implementation.

Database analysis

Receive clear, objective insights into your database and as well as a project plan to guide your practice through the changes and updates necessary for maximum efficiency. The plan will also recommend training opportunities for your staff to ensure you make the most of your Cornerstone system. 

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Inventory database analysis

This remote inventory analysis service will help you improve inventory efficiencies and grow top-line inventory revenue. We will identify problems and opportunities related to invoice item setup, inventory management and invoice item consumption, and you’ll learn more about key inventory metrics. 

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Take virtual instructor-led training to get the most out of what Cornerstone software has to offer.

Inventory management

Tackle the most challenging aspect of practice management: inventory.

Initiating Inventory Management

Improving Inventory Management Performance

Measure & manage

See your progress using built-in tools.

Learn how to access predefined reports and other measurement features that answer common client questions, including the Compliance Assessment Tool, Snapshot, Performance Tracker and Cornerstone Measurement Dashboard.

Finding Reports and Answers with Cornerstone