Trichinellosis is a zoonosis most often caused by the nematode Trichinella spiralis. Usually benign in animals, it is a severe disease in humans, causing intestinal symptoms and muscle pain as the roundworms migrate from the gut into the muscle tissues.

Humans become contaminated by ingesting undercooked infected meat, most typically pork. As such, identifying infected animals is vital to public health.

Identification is based on direct detection of larvae at slaughtering, either by trichinoscopy or muscle detection, or by serological screening to detect Trichinella spp antibodies. The Trichinella serum ELISA detects antibodies to T. spiralis, T. pseudospiralis, T. britovi and T. nativa in serum and meat juice of swine, wild boars and horses.


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IDEXX Trichinellosis Ab Test

Availability/Distribution: Outside the U.S.

The IDEXX Trichinellosis Ab Test detects antibodies directed to Trichinella spiralis (as well as to Trichinella pseudospiralis, Trichinella britovi and Trichinella nativa) in serum and meat juice of swine, wild boars and horses.


IDEXX Trichinellosis Ab Test

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