Fasciolosis/Fasciola hepatica


Fasciolosis is a parasitic zoonosis caused by the liver fluke and results in liver disease and limits the milk and meat production of infected cattle and sheep worldwide. It often develops perniciously, going unnoticed for some time. Once noticeable, clinical signs include enteritis with eventual cachexia.

In its chronic form, fasciolosis often leads to chronic cholangitis; in subacute and acute phases, animals suffer severe inflammation and hemorrhage caused by immature worms migrating through the liver or experience coinfection with other pathogenic germs such as clostridium or corynebacterium. With early detection, however, infected animals can be treated and cured.

Rapid serological testing makes this early detection possible and is essential for protecting animal health and preventing economic loss.


Testing Solutions



IDEXX Fasciolosis Verification Test

Availability/Distribution: Outside the U.S.

The IDEXX Fasciolosis Verification Test is made reliable by using the f2 antigen purified from Fasciola extracts.


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IDEXX Fasciolosis Verification Test

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