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New IDEXX RealPCR™ reagents detect and differentiate swine enteric coronaviruses

IDEXX is helping combat swine enteric coronaviruses with a comprehensive set of RealPCR™ reagents, all of which run on the IDEXX RealPCR™ Modular System. These highly contagious diseases are decimating neonatal pig populations across North and South America as well as Asia. In the U.S. alone, porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) has caused losses of more than 8 million pigs.


“The response to enteric coronaviruses has to be immediate because they spread fast and are too often deadly,” explains Olivier te Boekhorst, corporate vice president and general manager, IDEXX Livestock, Poultry and Dairy. “This system gives swine veterinarians and their producers accurate, timely information to implement containment strategies and protect their herds.”




Best laboratory practices: things to keep in mind

  • Oral fluids are a new sample type for many laboratories. Once samples are received by the laboratory, oral fluids can be allowed to settle to remove debris. Mild centrifugation (1,000–10,000 x g for 5 minutes) can be used; however, if molecular diagnostics are being requested, an aliquot should be removed before processing to ensure that the sensitivity of real-time PCR assays will not be affected. Use the liquid from the top of the vessel for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) testing.
  • Small-volume testing can produce a strain on some reagents. In these situations it is recommended to portion out plate strips into other sealed bags with a desiccant or aliquot the conjugate into small vessels for use. Keep the unused vessels in the refrigerator and take out only what is needed for each day’s testing. Be sure to label all bags and vials with the reagent part and batch numbers as well as what test kit and batch these bags and vials go with.
  • Expiration dates are located on the outer label of the test kit box. IDEXX stands behind the results generated until the test kit expiration date is reached. Use of the test after the expiration date is not advised, even if the individual components making up the test kit may not yet have expired. Due to government regulations and for quality control purposes, we must abide by the expiration date on the test kit box.
Contact IDEXX Technical Services if you have questions. Within the United States and Canada, call +1 800 548 9997. Outside of the United States and Canada, call +1 207 556 4895 or visit IDEXX Technical Services.


Events Around the World


Orlando, FL—February 28–March 3
46th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians

Reno, NV—March 3
Western Dairy Management Conference
Columbus, OH—March 9–12
50th National Dairy Herd Information Association Annual Meeting
St. Paul, MN—March 17–19
Midwest Poultry Federation Convention
Madison, WI—March 18–19
2015 Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) Business Conference


IDEXX adds three species to its ruminant pregnancy testing portfolio

IDEXX pregnancy tests are now validated for goats, sheep and buffalo. IDEXX solutions make it easy to detect pregnancy early and accurately—an essential part of reproductive management. Designed for laboratories, veterinarians and producers, IDEXX tests provide a convenient complement to routine veterinary examinations.

The IDEXX Visual Pregnancy Test

  • For veterinary practices—can be run without ELISA instrumentation and read visually
  • Cattle serum/EDTA plasma samples—confirm pregnancy at 28 days postbreeding and 60 days postcalving

The IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test

  • Laboratory-based solution
  • Cattle milk samples—confirm pregnancy at 28 days postbreeding and 60 days postcalving
  • NEW Goat milk samples—confirm pregnancy at 28 days postbreeding

The IDEXX Bovine Pregnancy Test

  • Laboratory-based solution
  • Cattle serum/EDTA plasma samples—confirm pregnancy at 28 days postbreeding, 60 days postcalving
  • NEW Goat serum samples—confirm pregnancy at 28 days postbreeding
  • NEW Sheep serum samples—confirm pregnancy at day 35 postbreeding
  • NEW Buffalo EDTA plasma samples—confirm pregnancy at 30 days postbreeding, 60 days postcalving
Find out how IDEXX reproductive solutions can make testing easier.

IDEXX presents at the AVID conference hosted by the German Veterinary Medical Society

Over 175 professionals from the veterinary world attended the annual conference of the working group on veterinary infectious diseases, a division of the German Veterinary Medical Society that focuses on the diagnosis of infections in veterinary medicine.
The event was held at Kloster Banz in Bavaria and featured 48 lectures, including talks on new approaches to major diseases and on rare pathogens.
IDEXX presented two lectures, one on standardization in real-time PCR using a modular system and another on an IDEXX test that uses oral fluid samples for detection of the PRRS virus. IDEXX sponsors the event’s award, the Ernst-Forschner Memorial Prize, which was awarded to Dr. Sandra Blome of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut for her lecture, “Alternative Sampling Strategies: Molecular Detection of African and Classical Swine Fever in Fallen Wild Boars—Suitability of Swab Samples.”

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