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IDEXX Equine Internal Medicine Consultations and Customer Support

Whether you want to discuss a specific case or result with an expert or anything related to our tests—simply call 1-800-621-8378.

When you need it—we're here to help.

Board-certified equine specialists are on staff at our laboratories, offering:

  • Expertise in cytology, histology, reproductive and prebreeding testing
  • Excellent access and turnaround times:

    • Histopathology: 2–3 days
    • Cytology: 1–2 days
  • Direct telephone and/or e-mail access to pathologists listed on pathology reports
  • Infectious disease test result interpretation—neurologic, streptococcal and R. equi disease consultation provided by field experts.

Committed to delivering accuracy and more


Internal Medicine

(U.S. and Canada)

Tania Kozikowski-Nicholas DVM, DACVIMEquine Internal Medicine

Committed to delivering accuracy and more


Anatomic Pathology

(U.S. and Canada)

Becky McElhaney, DVM, DACVPEquine pathology, diagnostic pathology, mammalian pathology, dermatopathology, reproductive pathology
Jamie Bush, DVM, MS, DACVPEquine pathology, oncologic pathology
Maria Shank, DVM, MS, DACVPEquine pathology, ophthalmic pathology, reproductive pathology
Serena M. Liu, VMD, MS, DACVPEquine pathology


Clinical Pathology

(U.S. and Canada)

Denise Wunn DVM, MS, DACVPEquine clinical pathology, cytology, hemolytic diseases
Raquel M. Walton, VMD, PhD, DACVP (Clinical Pathology)Equine clinical pathology
Natalie Hoepp, DVM, MS, DACVP (Clinical Pathology)Large-animal clinical pathology

Sample submission instructions:


  • Include a completed test request form with each submission.
  • For serum and CSF specimens, one mL required unless otherwise noted.
  • Specimens received in syringes will not be tested.
  • PCR tests are performed under license agreement with Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.
  • If you need shipping and packaging information, call IDEXX for detailed instructions.


Call 1-800-621-8378 for more information.


Sample Requirements and Turnaround Times

Sarcocystis neurona (EPM)

 Specimen TypeCollectionDays TestedTurnaround
Western Blot (WB)SerumRed topMon.–Fri.24 hrs.
WBCSFRed topMon.–Fri.24 hrs.
Profile 1: WB Serum and CSFSerum and CSFRed topMon.–Fri.24 hrs.
Profile II: WB and PCR, CSFCSF1 ea. red and lavender topMon.–Fri.WB 24 hrs.
PCR 72 hrs.
Profile III: WB Serum and CSF, and PCR, CSFSerum and CSFSerum: red top CSF: 1 ea. red and lavender topMon.–Fri.WB 24 hrs.
PCR 72 hrs.


CSF Analysis

 Specimen TypeCollectionDays TestedTurnaround
Index: Albumin and IgGSerum and CSFRed topMon.–Fri.72 hrs.
Cell Count w/DifferentialCSFLavender or red topMon.–Fri.Same day

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)

 Specimen TypeCollectionDays TestedTurnaround
AGID (Coggins)SerumRed topMon.–Fri.24 hrs. except Fri.
cELISASerumRed topMon.–Fri.Same day


Streptococcus equi

 Specimen TypeCollectionDays TestedTurnaround
ELISASerumRed topTues./Thurs.Same day
Real PCR™ w/culture backupNasal swab, wash or guttural pouch washSwab: transport media w/o charcoal
Washes: Sterile container
Mon.–Fri.PCR 48 hrs.
Culture 48–72 hrs.


Rhodococcus equi

 Specimen TypeCollectionDays TestedTurnaround
Real PCR™Tracheal washSterile tubeMon.–Fri.48 hrs.



 Specimen TypeCollectionDays TestedTurnaround
Real PCR™ w/culture backup™Fecal sample or swabFecal sample: sterile container
Swab: transport media w/o charcoal
Mon.–Fri.PCR 24 hrs.
Culture 72 hrs.


Equine Herpesvirus Types 1 and 4 (EHV-1 and EHV-4)

 Specimen TypeCollectionDays TestedTurnaround
Real PCR™Nasal swabs and/or whole bloodSwab: Dacron swabs (preferably moistened with buffered saline) placed in a sterile tube
Blood: lavender top
Mon.–Sat.24 hrs.


West Nile Virus

 Specimen TypeCollectionDays TestedTurnaround
IgM Capture ELISASerumRed topWednesday24 hrs.


Lyme Disease and Anaplasma phagocytophilum

 Specimen TypeCollectionDays TestedTurnaround
ELISASerum, plasma or whole bloodRed or lavender topMon.–Sat.Same day


Neurologic Panel (EPM Western Blot, EHV-1 Real PCR™ and WNV IgM ELISA)

 Specimen TypeCollectionDays TestedTurnaround
PanelSee individual test requirementsSee individual test requirementsTest dependentTest dependent

Payment Terms

Note: For pricing contact IDEXX
United States:
Submit payment with initial specimen submission in order to establish an account. Subsequently, the account can be billed at the end of each month (due upon receipt).
Submit payment payable in U.S. funds via a U.S. bank.

Shipping Guidelines

IDEXX is currently offering overnight specimen delivery through Federal Express.

Overnight shipping optimizes specimen integrity and provides you with even more expedient results. This service carries with it all the benefits associated with premium courier service, including pickup of packages at your place of business, and complements our ongoing efforts to diversify the lab services IDEXX offers.


If you wish to take advantage of this service, contact the IDEXX laboratory at 1-800-621-8378, option 3, for a supply of preprinted shipping labels.


In addition, you should be sure to follow FedEx shipping instructions (PDF).


International Clients

Contact IDEXX to obtain the U.S. Veterinary Permit for transportation of non-infectious clinical specimens. Remember to include a letter (on your letterhead) with your shipment that states that the included sample is from a horse that is from a country free of African Horse Sickness. Enclose the letter with the permit on the outside of the package as required by the United States Department of Agriculture.