Quality Control Panel

Easily verify and maintain the accuracy of your results

  • Includes appropriate chemistries needed for a comprehensive
    VetTest® Quality Control (QC) procedure
  • Makes QC easy
  • Eliminates the need to break apart other panels or pull single slides
    from inventory





Quality Control Panel

Quality Control Panel—benefits your patients and your practice


Quality control is the best way to ensure the most accurate test results for your patients. The VetTest® Chemistry Analyzer offers dry-slide technology, which is proven to minimize the effects of interfering substances and to provide greater accuracy of test results. The Quality Control (QC) Panel ensures that all components of your VetTest analyzer maintain the highest level of accuracy.


Practice Benefits

  • Prepackaged Quality Control Panel saves time and money by eliminating the need to break apart slides from existing panels or to use single slides from inventory
  • Includes all of the chemistries needed for a comprehensive quality-control procedure on your VetTest analyzer; no need to decide which chemistries should be tested
  • Consists of six slides per panel, four panels per box
  • Simplifies inventory control with a four-month supply and 24-month dating so you should never have to worry about outdated product

Maintaining your analyzer’s accuracy is easy


IDEXX recommends that you run a quality-control analysis preventively once per month. You should also run a QC analysis:

  • When your analyzer is first installed
  • When your analyzer has been moved or severely bumped
  • If you think your results are incorrect
  • If fluid has been spilled on your analyzer

Follow these steps to ensure accurate results


The Quality Control Panel is intended for use with the IDEXX VetTrol™ Control on the VetTest® Chemistry Analyzer. For test results to be accurate, the VetTrol Control must be properly prepared prior to use.


Running Quality Control

Before you begin: Remove one VetTrol™ Control vial and one diluent vial from the freezer. Allow 60–90 minutes for each vial to come to room temperature.

  1. Thoroughly mix the contents of the diluent vial by gently inverting it several times. Do not shake.
  2. Gently tap the control vial on the counter several times to dislodge any material adhering to the stopper.
  3. Remove the seal and stopper from each vial and transfer exactly 3.0 mL of the diluent to the control vial. (Refer to the VetTrol Control package insert for supported transfer devices.)
  4. Tightly restopper the control vial and gently invert it several times. Do not shake. Allow 45–60 minutes for reconstitution, inverting occasionally during this time. Proceed to step 5 during reconstitution.

    Note: If analysis is delayed, keep the control vial tightly stoppered and refrigerated. Before proceeding, allow the contents to come to room temperature and gently invert the vial several times.

  5. When reconstitution is complete, select (1) for “New Sample” from the VetTest main menu.
  6. Select (6) for "Controls."
  7. Select the lot number on the screen that corresponds with the lot number on the control vial.
  8. Proceed as if running a sample, following the prompts on the VetTest screen.
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