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SmartFlow features

SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software offers six simple tools that work for you at every step of the patient visit by supporting seamless communication, automating charge capture, and streamlining patient documentation.
I brought SmartFlow in to track client and patient flow through the hospital. The return on investment is significantly reducing the amount of treatment errors or treatments being late."
Kirstin Pirkl, Co-owner
Santa Monica Pet Medical Center, California
Veterinarian using a SmartFlow admission form on an iPad


Enhance your patient check-in experience with digital consent forms. Enable your clients to review and sign from anywhere in the practice for faster and more simplified patient check-in.
  • Increased mobility
  • Fully customizable forms based on patient visit type
  • Simplified signature capture
  • Photo capture for faster patient handoff and documentation of personal belongings


The optimized electronic whiteboard offers seamless communication by providing a bird's-eye view of the patient visit from anywhere in the practice. It clearly shows care flow and patient treatment status, so there’s never a question of what step to take next.
  • Simplified prioritization of patient status and upcoming treatments
  • Enhanced visibility with patient photo and signalment details
  • Customizable whiteboards for every area of your practice including hospital, exam, surgery, and boarding
Veterinary technician looking at a SmartFlow whiteboard
SmartFlow treatment sheets being used on an iPad

Treatment sheets

Digitized treatment sheets create better visibility among your team, faster communication, and more mobile access to critical treatment information. Empower your team to standardize patient treatment protocols throughout the practice along with the flexibility to meet individual patient needs.
  • Treatment sheet templates customized to meet your practice needs
  • Easily tailored for on-the-fly adjustments to treatment plans
  • Built-in medication, diet, and fluid calculators to reduce human error and save your staff time
  • Estimate transfer enables real-time trackable changes to minimize missed charges in your practice

Dental charts

Eliminate the need for paper charts, bringing you the ability to easily take before-and-after photos, standardize charting across your practice, and provide streamlined patient side access where you need it most.
  • Easily record diagnoses and document treatments performed; seamlessly export patient details via a clean and legible digital dental record
  • Patient side charting with easy-to-use in-app navigation
  • Standardized dental charting across the practice, regardless of user
  • Enhanced patient documentation with before-and-after photo capture
SmartFlow dental charts being used on an iPad
SmartFlow anesthetic sheet being used on an iPad during surgery

Anesthetic sheets

Intuitive charting for anesthesia, saving your team critical time with automated reminders and a streamlined user interface.
  • One-touch vital sign charting
  • Clean and legible digital chart, with trending data and graphing
  • Integrated procedure timers
  • Monitoring interval reminders, customizable based on industry best practices


Identify and remove bottlenecks in your practice with the help of SmartFlow software analytics.
  • Improve awareness and eliminate inefficiencies in the patient workflow
  • Data to help guide your staff and set measurable goals and attainable KPIs
  • Track individual task completion rates
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface with customizable reporting
Veterinarian using SmartFlow analytics on a desktop computer

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Why practices choose SmartFlow software
  • Improve internal practice communication
  • Streamline the patient visit workflow
  • Convert into a paperless practice 

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