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You know your hospital needs SmartFlow, but how can you convince management?

By Angela Beal, DVM 

As a technician, many of the tedious day-to-day hospital tasks, such as patient charting and scanning forms into medical records, often fall on your shoulders. You know that any improved efficiency in these areas could make your days less hectic and more rewarding.

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SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software benefits every team member in your hospital, but it especially benefits you, the technician. Here’s how:

  • SmartFlow gives you instant access to each patient’s status wherever you are so you can see what treatments and procedures need to be performed as well as which patients are ready for surgery. No more chasing down other team members to find out!
  • With SmartFlow’s digital forms, you won’t need to scan paper documents, log vital signs, or hunt for missing files—which will save you a lot of time!
  • SmartFlow’s analytics can even help your hospital pinpoint bottlenecks in your daily workflow and help eliminate them.

While you’ve already got a mental list of the ways SmartFlow can make your life easier, how do you convince the decision-makers in your hospital it’s the way to go? Here are tips to help you show your hospital management how much SmartFlow can improve daily operations, boost your team’s efficiency, and increase revenue. 

#1: Share how SmartFlow can help your team find more time in the day

To help management understand SmartFlow’s value, explain how the system can streamline workflow and make processes more efficient. Walk through a typical appointment, pointing out at each step how time could be saved with SmartFlow’s paperless check-in, instant status updates, and improved communication. For example, how the customer service representatives (CSRs) will no longer need to run to the back or page a doctor for an update. And how all team members can take a quick look at one of the hospital screens to see which patient is up next. 

Even if your hospital workflow is fairly efficient, point out that SmartFlow analytics captures data at each point of the patient visit to identify pain points. For example, if fecal analysis is a common bottleneck, as multiple technicians wait to use the same microscope, another microscope can be added to cut down wait time. 

#2: Explain the benefits of a paperless system

If your hospital hasn't yet made the switch to paperless, point out that SmartFlow can help you finally make the change. From digital client check-in to forms, such as consent, treatment, anesthetic monitoring, and dental forms completed on portable iPad devices, SmartFlow is designed to provide the perfect paperless transition. SmartFlow converts all digital forms into PDFs that automatically become part of the patient’s medical record, without having to scan documents, retype medical notes, or recreate a messy anesthesia monitoring form.

#3: Know how SmartFlow’s whiteboard technology stacks up against others

Your hospital may use some form of whiteboard technology or dry-erase board to track patients, treatments, and procedures. If you do, it could help to explain how SmartFlow’s interactive whiteboard technology encompasses far more than your current system. SmartFlow’s whiteboard technology allows your team to track the patient’s journey on large screens placed in your hospital’s high-traffic areas. Each patient’s progress is tracked on these screens so veterinarians can instantly see when a patient is ready to be examined, technicians know when treatments have been added, and CSRs can see when a patient is ready for discharge.

#4: Be ready for pushback

Be ready for hesitation about adding a new system in the practice. Although your team’s current system may be inefficient, it probably feels like comfortable chaos, and hospital administrators may be hesitant to introduce a new workflow, even if it is better. Suggest pitching the idea to your entire team during a staff meeting to explain the benefits SmartFlow can offer. Once management sees their excitement about improved efficiency, better patient care, and increased client satisfaction, they will be more inclined to consider a change.

You might get pushback on not having room in the budget for SmartFlow this year. If this happens, try to explain how with SmartFlow’s automatic charge capture, there are no more missed charges and your hospital could see a revenue increase of up to 20%.1 

#5: Schedule a SmartFlow demo

To truly help your management understand SmartFlow’s hospital-wide, daily benefits, ask the lead decision-makers when they are available to learn more about how SmartFlow software can help make your workflow more efficient. Our SmartFlow experts can walk them through every aspect of our complete workflow optimization system and show them how SmartFlow can save your hospital time, money, and stress every day. 

As a technician and patient advocate, you have a strong voice in your hospital, and management wants to hear your opinions. Veterinary technicians play a large role in the decision-making process, especially when a hospital adds a system that affects their daily workflow as much as SmartFlow will. Speak up and make your voice heard—your fellow team members and patients will thank you.

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