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7 ways SmartFlow will delight your clients

By Angela Beal, DVM 

Once your hospital adopts SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software, your days will become less hectic and your team members happier. The customized tools maximize your communications and efficiency, and those benefits trickle down to the most important people—your clients. Pet owners may not know why things flow more smoothly, but they will appreciate a more enjoyable experience at your hospital.

Although your clients will indirectly benefit from almost every aspect of your hospital’s streamlined workflow, here are seven points they will clearly appreciate:

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#1: Paperless check-in

Your client’s SmartFlow software experience starts the minute they walk through your door. Instead of handing clients a clipboard and paper forms to fill out, your receptionist will give them an iPad to use for keying information electronically. Consent forms can even be completed and signed electronically. Client service representatives can process several patient check-ins at once, allowing them to offer better service and attention to each client.

#2: Patient photos

During the check-in process, your client service representative can snap a picture of each pet to be included with their patient file. During future visits, your staff can easily identify a pet by glancing at their picture, and greet them by name as they walk in the door. For hospitalized patients, you can take a photo of their personal belongings, such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, to ensure everything is returned to the owner during checkout. Cat carriers can also be photographed so each cat is matched with the correct carrier when it’s time to go home.

#3: Contemporary technology

In today’s digital society, people expect current technology, and your clients will be impressed to see the same—or more advanced—technology than that used at their human hospital. From electronic check-in to examinaton room monitors, SmartFlow software will help you make a first-class impression on your clients. Your investment in forward-thinking technology will assure your clients that every aspect of your hospital, including patient care and medical practices, operates with the highest quality.

#4: Instant updates

With SmartFlow software, every team member in your hospital will have up-to-the-minute information about every patient. When an owner requests an update, your receptionist can simply pull up the patient’s file to view their current status. Clients will no longer wait on hold or wait for a callback while the veterinarian is tracked down for a status update. Clients will love that every team member knows exactly what is going on with their pet at every moment.

#5: No missed charges

As patient diagnostics, procedures, and treatments are performed, SmartFlow software’s direct link to the patient’s billing summary means that each charge is automatically entered. When a pet is discharged, the client will receive an accurate invoice. No missed charges means that your client won’t receive a call after they return home asking them to pay additional charges that were entered after checkout.

#6: Easy medical record transfer

SmartFlow software makes medical record transfer between general practitioners and veterinary specialists simple. Instead of asking your clients to wait for a photocopied duplicate of a paper file they will have to hand deliver, transfer is as simple as emailing a digital patient file to the partner hospital. Records appear legible, neat, and accurate, leaving no room for misinterpretation by other hospitals.   

#7: Less waiting time

SmartFlow software’s analytics will help you boost efficiency by identifying pain points in your hospital’s workflow. Better workflow means patients are seen more quickly and owners spend less of their precious time waiting during routine appointments. Patient checkouts will also go more smoothly. Instead of having to track down multiple staff members before releasing a patient, one glance at a SmartFlow monitor or tablet will let your staff members know that Fluffy’s IV catheter has been removed, her medications have been prepared, and she is ready to go home.

Client satisfaction is your hospital’s ultimate goal, and SmartFlow software will help you make every client’s experience more enjoyable. From chartless operation to more efficient workflow and optimal client communications, all aspects of your client service will be refined.

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