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7 ways SmartFlow can improve your hospital’s communication

By Angela Beal, DVM 

Let’s face it—there’s always room for improvement when it comes to communication. Even the most efficient hospitals can find ways to boost internal communication to give each team member and client a better experience. Life in your practice is likely hectic from time to time, and communication is the critical component that enables you to deliver exceptional patient care. SmartFlow Patient WorkFlow Software improves hospital communication in many ways. Here are our top seven favorites.

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#1: Instant status updates 

SmartFlow’s whiteboard feature displays each patient’s status in real time so front-of-the-hospital team members, who are often tied to the reception desk, know what is going on. If Fluffy’s owner calls, your client service representative can glance at a screen and give them an update. There is no need to put the owner on hold and run to the treatment area.

#2: Hospital-wide communication 

With SmartFlow, no one is left in the dark about treatment plans. Everyone can access the same up-to-date information. If a veterinarian decides to alter a patient’s treatment plan on the go, they can simply enter it into the software, and let go of worrying about telling support staff. Team members at large specialty hospitals, where a patient may be treated by multiple departments, can easily keep track of each department’s plans and coordinate patient care.

#3: Easy shift changes

SmartFlow makes it easy to hand off information to incoming team members. After a long, chaotic shift, it can be difficult to remember pertinent details, but SmartFlow eases the burden. Whether your team walks from cage to cage with iPad devices to conduct rounds or huddles around the whiteboard for patient updates, all the information you need is easily accessible.

#4: Digital treatment sheets

With SmartFlow’s digital treatment sheets, deciphering messy handwriting and scribbles will be a problem of the past. No more wondering whether a mark is someone’s initials or a water smear (or worse). Digital treatment sheets are clean, easy to read, and leave no room for misinterpretation. They are automatically filed in the patient’s electronic medical record, eliminating the need for a team member to scan and attach pages of treatments and notes.

#5: Digital anesthetic and dental forms

SmartFlow’s digital forms also eliminate confusion related to a patient’s anesthetic or dental procedure. Instead of using paper that can get wet, sprayed with blood, or destroyed, important patient information can simply be entered into the digital anesthetic or dental form on a portable iPad device. Forms stay clean and easy to read, and there is no need for a team member to recreate a neat version to present to the client. In large hospitals, a veterinarian or board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist can keep an eye on several anesthetic patients at once, while in another part of the hospital, with real-time anesthetic monitoring forms.

#6: Photos and video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be priceless if it catches a patient’s seizure or abnormal behavior. Photos and video can be an invaluable part of a patient’s medical record, and they can be recorded in your hospital or forwarded from a client. Photos and video can also help a client understand the value of misunderstood procedures, such as dental cleanings. Seeing up-close views of their pet’s mouth before and after a dental cleaning can help an owner understand the necessity of regular dental care.

#7: Charge capture

How many times does a team member in your hospital forget to communicate the need to enter patient charges? In the chaos of a normal day, a veterinarian may decide to give an additional dose of medication on the way into an exam room, or a technician might swap out a bag of fluids as she walks out the door, without telling anyone. In these cases, hospital profit is also walking out the door. SmartFlow’s charge capture function ensures all treatments are automatically entered into the invoice, which can be reviewed and approved before patient discharge to prevent miscommunication from costing your hospital valuable profit.

SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software is a customizable, adaptable tool that can facilitate excellent communication in your practice. Let us show you how improved communication can enhance your team’s and clients’ experiences. 

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