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5 ways SmartFlow will make your PIMS even better

By Angela Beal, DVM 

SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software is the efficiency solution you have been waiting for. With up-to-the-second patient updates, you will know each patient’s status by simply glancing at a computer screen, digital whiteboard, or portable iPad device. By tracking each patient’s journey, you can identify workflow inefficiencies and correct them to streamline your processes and make more time in your day. Your clients will be impressed that every team member knows exactly what is going on with their pet, waiting times are reduced, and their pet’s records are clean and professional.

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Although your current practice information management system (PIMS) may be able to help you make a checklist of procedures to be completed, SmartFlow takes your workflow to a higher level so you can accomplish more. SmartFlow integrates easily with most PIMS, including Cornerstone Software, Neo Software, and many others, to provide advanced features that will make your daily operations smoother and more efficient. 

SmartFlow can enhance your current PIMS in numerous ways, but we are confident you’ll appreciate these five benefits.

#1: At check-in, each patient’s information is automatically sent to SmartFlow

Each time a patient is checked in their information will be automatically sent to SmartFlow. When you switch to the SmartFlow tab, or open the SmartFlow app on your iPad device, the patient’s information will appear along with other currently active patients in your hospital. Each patient’s entry will display their signalment, reason for visiting, and whether they are an outpatient, hospitalized patient, or surgery case. You can also select which whiteboard you would like the patient to appear on. For example, patients checked in for surgical procedures will appear on the whiteboard mounted near your surgery suite. Once on the appropriate whiteboard, SmartFlow allows you to track each patient’s visit and know their current status at a glance. 

Since the patient is automatically added to SmartFlow, there is no need to enter information a second time—it will simply transfer for you. With real-time integration, you won’t need to wait for new patients to download into the system, because they will be added automatically every time. And, when a patient is checked out in your PIMS, they will automatically be discharged from SmartFlow, with no extra effort on your part.

#2: Patient estimates transfer to SmartFlow, to help build flowsheets

When you create a patient estimate in your PIMS, adding procedures, medications, and other details, those items can easily be added to the patient’s flowsheet. In SmartFlow, you can simply select the patient’s recent estimate that has been automatically transferred from your PIMS, and then you can choose which items you would like added to the patient’s flowsheet. Everyone on your team will know which tests and treatments need to be performed, and they can be checked off as they are completed.

#3: SmartFlow helps you capture every detail, treatment, and service

One of SmartFlow’s best perks is the portability it offers since patient information can be accessed from workstations, whiteboards, and iPad devices. No matter where your team members are in the hospital, they will have access to every patient’s flow sheet and be able to record important information. Portable iPad devices can be used to record history details, client concerns, and vaccine administration during outpatient visits. For hospitalized patients, vital parameters, treatments, and procedures can be recorded cage-side as they are performed. Digital anesthetic monitoring and dental forms mean that critical information can be recorded on the spot, so your team won’t forget important details.

#4: All forms and documents are sent directly to the patient record in your PIMS

If your hospital has not yet made the switch to paperless, SmartFlow will help you reach this goal. SmartFlow software will replace your paper forms with customizable digital templates, including the following:

  • Client check-in forms
  • Consent forms
  • Treatment sheets
  • Anesthetic monitoring sheets
  • Dental charts

At the conclusion of a patient’s visit or hospitalization, all digital forms, such as the patient flowsheet and anesthetic monitoring sheets, are automatically converted to PDFs and are attached to the patient’s medical record. There is no need for a staff member to scan multiple documents into the record and shred unneeded paper.

#5: All charges are automatically added to the patient invoice in your PIMS

Your current PIMS can help you create an invoice, but does it ensure you don’t miss charges? With SmartFlow, all completed procedures and treatments are automatically transferred back to the invoice at the completion of a patient’s visit. Since the procedures and treatments are updated in SmartFlow, if a quantity changes from the estimate—if four x-rays are taken instead of two—the correct quantity is transferred back to your PIMS. And, because charges are calculated by your PIMS, any special pricing you have set up in group codes will automatically be maintained. Eliminating missed charges can equal a significant revenue increase—Smartflow hospitals often experience up to 20% more profit.1

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  1. Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Westbrook, Maine USA.