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5 ways SmartFlow can simplify your dental procedures

By Angela Beal, DVM 

Are dental procedures slowing your team down with paperwork, record keeping, and photo downloads? SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software’s newest feature, digital dental charts, can make the process more efficient. Your team will love recording critical details patient-side on a portable iPad device. Instead of trying to interpret sloppy handwriting, inconsistent abbreviations, and water-smeared notes (because, let’s face it—dentals are messy), you will appreciate the complete, professional records you can confidently share with your clients and colleagues.

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Dental procedures are likely one of the most common procedures performed in your veterinary practice, so making the process more efficient for your team will mean more time and less stress. Check out these five benefits your team will love when you add SmartFlow.

#1: Digital dental charts eliminate the need for paper charts

Does your current dental record-keeping process include crossing out teeth, scribbling notes in margins, and trying to protect a paper form from water, blood, and other hazards? After the procedure, does your client service representative take the messy paper and create a clean, professional record that is presentable for the client and medical record? 

Digital dental charts eliminate the need for paper dental charts and extra work. Picture the following three steps:

  1. Your technician taps the portable iPad device screen to label diseased or extracted teeth and make notations. 
  2. The clean, legible document is converted to a PDF and attached to the patient’s medical record. 
  3. You can then send the record to the client, referring practice, or another veterinarian.

With just those three easy steps, you can have your record keeping in clean order, ready to share with fellow veterinarians or the client.

#2: Dental charting will become standardized across your practice 

It can be frustrating to interpret different abbreviations and symbols used on dental charts when each technician prefers a different system or makes up their own. SmartFlow’s digital dental chart uses American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) abbreviations and symbols that will standardize every patient’s dental record, no matter who completes the form. Records will be easier to read and will look more professional when you forward them to a client or transfer them to a colleague. 

#3: Patient-side charting is easy with user-friendly in-app navigation

A patient’s digital dental chart is completed patient-side, on a portable iPad device, as the procedure is performed. Your technician can notate each lesion, loose tooth, and extraction immediately, instead of trying to remember important details later. While monitoring anesthesia, a technician can move seamlessly between the anesthesia monitoring form and dental form. At the procedure’s end both documents will be complete with no extra work. You can be confident your records are complete, and you won’t need to worry about missing important details.

#4: Before and after photos enhance patient documentation

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to showing a dental cleaning’s value. If you routinely take before and after photos of your dental patients, do you rely on technicians to take pictures with their phones and email them to you? Or do you hunt down the digital camera and then you can’t find the cord needed to download the photos to your computer? With SmartFlow, technicians can simply snap before and after photos with the iPad device that will be saved in the final PDF report. You can show clients the photos during discharge to help them understand the need for continued dental care. You will also have a record for future reference.

#5: Clean, legible dental records can easily be exported 

How often have you been embarrassed by a messy dental record? Or asked a team member to recreate a clean, new record to send to a colleague? When you share medical records, you want them to show how competent and detailed your team is. With SmartFlow, your dental records will be clean, legible, and ready for transfer at any time. Since they are stored as a PDF with each patient’s medical record in your PIMS, they can be emailed or transferred to a referring veterinarian or specialist at the click of a mouse.

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