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5 ways SmartFlow can help with curbside check-in

By Angela Beal, DVM 

It is critical to have a customizable workflow system that allows you to easily adapt your processes and protocols to any situation that arises. With the transition to curbside check-in, hospitals are discovering that having a carefully thought-out plan is critical to navigating uncharted waters. SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software can help your hospital through difficult times by making your workflow more efficient, thereby preserving precious time and resources. Although curbside check-in may not be the most ideal way to conduct veterinary appointments, SmartFlow can help ease the burden. Consider these five ways SmartFlow is helping hospitals with curbside check-in.

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#1: Customizable workflow templates allow you to adapt to any situation

SmartFlow enables you to create workflow templates that are specifically tailored to meet your individual practice needs. For example, your normal appointment workflow may include these steps:

  • Patient check-in 
  • Consent forms 
  • History 
  • Technician examination 
  • Veterinarian examination 
  • Diagnostics
  • Discharge instructions
  • Payment

With SmartFlow, additional steps for curbside check-in, such as gathering the patient from the owner’s vehicle, noting vehicle information, and video conferencing with the owner, can easily be added to your existing process. Each team member can view the workflow process on whiteboards, computer monitors, and portable iPad devices to see the current status of each patient in your care. To help support best practices for curbside check-in and save your team valuable time, SmartFlow has ready-made templates and workflows specifically tailored for industry-standard curbside check-in protocol.

#2: History forms decrease time spent in the parking lot

SmartFlow contains customizable patient history forms that can be altered to fit your hospital's needs. History forms allow your team to collect important information over the phone, minimizing the time staff members must spend in the parking lot with the owner. In addition to patient information, you can include notes about the make and model of the owner’s vehicle, which labeled space they parked in, or a photo of their car to help your team easily locate them for pick-up and drop-off of the patient.

#3: Electronic signature function eliminates paper consent forms

SmartFlow’s electronic signature capture function eliminates the need for paper consent forms for diagnostics, treatment, and euthanasia. Instead of taking a clipboard and paper form to a waiting client, a team member can collect their signature on a portable iPad device. If your hospital has resorted to verbal consent for many procedures, a signature is always safest and is required for euthanasia consent. Additionally, iPad screens can be used wearing gloves and easily sanitized after each client by carefully following Apple’s guidelines.

#4: Teleconferencing makes client communication a breeze

Client communication is critical when a pet is checked in curbside since the pet owner can’t be in the exam room with you. Owners may be uneasy about having their pet examined without the ability to ask questions or see what you are doing, and a phone call only provides part of the experience. Sharing a pet’s appointment via FaceTime or Zoom lets the client feel like they are right there with their pet. This is easily accomplished with the portable iPad devices hospitals use with SmartFlow. 

#5: Electronic options make payment more efficient

SmartFlow’s charge capture function will ensure no charges are missed, and each patient’s invoice is complete and ready to go when you are ready to collect payment. Electronic payment methods can be used to collect deposits or payments, eliminating the need for clients to pay with cash or hand over a credit card. Payment information can be collected over the phone or with Wi-Fi-enabled terminals your team can take out to an owner’s vehicle.

Adapting to curbside check-in may be challenging in many new and unique ways, but SmartFlow can help you maximize your time and effort. Let us show you how hospitals using SmartFlow are adapting more easily and enjoying a more efficient workflow. 

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