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5 reasons your team will love SmartFlow

By Angela Beal, DVM 

In many veterinary hospitals, stress and chaos are part of a typical workday; it doesn’t have to be this way. SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software is a complete workflow optimization system that refines every aspect of the hospital workflow, from patient check-in to follow-up. SmartFlow software is helping veterinary hospitals countrywide realize their potential by improving communication and efficiency—and boosting revenue up to 20%. Here are five reasons your team will love SmartFlow software.


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#1: Improved hospital communication

With SmartFlow software screens throughout the hospital, a central whiteboard, and handheld tablets that can be used anywhere, every team member has instant access to status updates. When team members select a patient, they can see exactly the diagnostic and treatment tasks that have been completed, the time each task took, and the patient’s current position. You may already use a whiteboard built into your practice management system for patient tracking, but SmartFlow software offers more extensive functionality than built-in systems. 

SmartFlow software enables your team to easily enter information when a task is completed so everyone can see at a glance what needs to happen next. Reminders of overdue treatments, customized patient list displays of different hospital areas, and color coding of individual patients are just a few of the features SmartFlow software’s whiteboard brings to the table.

Picture this: When Fido’s owner calls for an update, instead of your client service representative putting him on hold and chasing down the correct veterinarian for information, she can simply glance at her screen and relay all the details. She can tell the owner that Fido’s preoperative blood work has been completed, an IV catheter has been placed, he has received preanesthetic medications, and he is currently waiting for surgery.

#2: Better workflow efficiency

SmartFlow software tracks your hospital’s analytics to help you identify workflow bottlenecks and pinpoint ways to improve efficiency. It analyzes the time each task takes so it can help you identify team members who may benefit from additional training. SmartFlow software can also be customized to your hospital’s unique needs and pain points. You can set time-specific goals, and SmartFlow software will alert team members who are spending more time than normal on a task, so they can problem-solve and improve workflow.

Each team member can view upcoming treatments, plan time efficiently, and prevent missed treatments. If your team does fall behind and miss treatments, SmartFlow software will prioritize the treatments to help them catch up as quickly as possible.

#3: A “paperless” operation

Many “paperless” hospitals use multiple information forms that team members later enter or scan into a patient’s medical record. SmartFlow software’s chartless operation begins the moment a client enters your hospital and completes all patient history and client consent forms on a handheld tablet. Then team members use the tablets to record all assessments, diagnostic testing results, treatments, and procedures while at the patient’s side, instead of on multiple paper forms located throughout the hospital. No paper means more time for your team.

#4: Improved anesthetic monitoring records

Cluttered anesthetic-monitoring forms with overlapping graphs of multiple vital signs will be a frustration of the past. With SmartFlow software, team members enter each patient’s vital signs as they are measured, and the system automatically plots the signs to show real-time trends so your team can respond appropriately. SmartFlow software will also remind team members to record the next set of vital signs if they fail to do so in a predetermined amount of time, ensuring patient safety.

#5: Fewer missed charges

Your hospital likely loses significant revenue from diagnostic tests and treatments that your team inadvertently fails to enter. With traditional systems, a team member must either enter a charge every time a diagnostic test, procedure, or treatment is completed, or remember each aspect of a patient’s care to generate an accurate bill at discharge. SmartFlow software’s direct link between a patient’s treatment screen and billing summary ensures every treatment step and medication dose is included by automatically adding charges to the billing summary as treatments are administered and checked off. SmartFlow software hospitals often see a 10% to 20% revenue increase from this feature alone.

Are you intrigued, but hesitant to interrupt the chaotic balance your team has become accustomed to? Our training and support begin as soon as you sign up for the SmartFlow software system. We can customize SmartFlow software for your practice’s specific workflow to create greater efficiency. Finally, we will guide your team through every step and make the transition as seamless as possible.

As a SmartFlow software hospital, efficiency and communication in your practice will improve. Your team will get more done in less time, and everyone will head home with peace of mind at the end of the day.

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