DVMAX  Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the DVMAX Veterinary Practice Management Software from IDEXX Laboratories.

What platforms does DVMAX Practice operate on?

DVMAX can run on Macintosh or Windows based computers.

What is the cost of DVMAX Practice?

DVMAX software ranges from $3995 to $4995 depending on single user or multi user system.

Are there additional setup costs?

DVMAX installation and training is not included in the purchase price. Installation and training are a separate cost depending on the number of staff, number of user licenses and if going paperless, etc.

What is the cost of installation and training?

Installation and training can be anywhere from $750 (per day) on up depending on the number of days required for installation and training. (Travel expenses are billed after the actual installation and training occurs.)

Does DVMAX sell hardware as well?

DVMAX does not provide or sell computer hardware but can provide a list of suggested equipment and recommendations for hardware resellers.

What type of support does DVMAX offer?

DVMAX technical support is available through a variety of plans, with coverage ranging from 24/7 emergency support to standard business hours coverage for the typical practice. If a client has technical questions or issues, they can call the toll-free Support line or email a technical support request through the DVMAX user-site or regular email.

What is the cost of support?

Support contracts range from $1130.52 to $3588.84 per year depending on the level of service desired.

Are updates included with the support contract?

Updates are available to any practice that is on a current support contract. The level of support determines the number of user licenses that are supported.

How do customers get new updates?

All customers are notified of updates. It is the customer’s responsibility to download the updates from our Updater site. In some cases support/training may help with upgrades.

Does DVMAX offer any other services?

DVMAX offers an additional service called Data BackUp and Recovery (DB&R). The Data BackUp and Recovery program is not meant to take the place of the primary ‘in-house backup’ but as a second defense to ensure that your data is safe and accessible! The DVMAX Data BackUp and Recovery program also provides the security to find and fix errors BEFORE they create permanent damage. Data BackUp and Recovery assures that your DVMAX datafile is reliable, safe and protected in the event of an emergency.

Does DVMAX integrate with Lab machines?

DVMAX does integrate with a variety of the leading lab machines and with a number of reference lab services. DVMAX has also been designed to automatically download results into the software in and in some cases into patient records.

Thank you again for your interest in DVMAX.