IDEXX SDMA testing

How to talk to clients about
an increased SDMA result

The following is an excerpt of a discussion that helps prepare clients for next steps and
possible outcomes following an increased SDMA result. 

Veterinarian speaks:

There is a bit of surprise in your pet’s kidney tests. There's an increased result that suggests a change in her kidney function. When we compare this result to her other kidney tests, it’s likely she has early kidney disease. 

Pet owner speaks:

Is that bad? 

Veterinarian speaks:

The good news is that she seems to be feeling great. Her physical examination was normal and her weight is stable. These increased values indicate her kidneys are not working as well as they should be. 

Pet owner speaks:

I’m glad you found it early. What should we do?

Veterinarian speaks:

I would like for us to develop a plan together to investigate this further. We’ll look for any treatable causes of kidney disease or complicating factors that might make it worse. There are a few more tests to consider. Typically, we start with a urine culture and sensitivity test to look for a bacterial urinary tract infection. We don’t want to miss a condition that can be easily treated.

Pet owner speaks:

Oh, this sounds expensive...

Veterinarian speaks:

If we don’t find any underlying causes to address, then we may focus on some minor diet changes and making sure she gets plenty of water to drink. Don’t worry, I have tips and tricks to help you with that. It’s still early, and with regular monitoring visits and proper care, I really feel your pet will do well.

Pet owner speaks:

Okay, I do want to do what's best for her. She's really an important member of our family. Thanks.

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