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IDEXX MVV/CAEV p28 Ab Screening Test

Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAEV)/Maedi-Visna (MVV)

The IDEXX MVV/CAEV p28 Ab Screening Tests is based on the use of an immunogenic peptid of a transmembrane protein (TM, ENV gene) and of the recombinant p28 protein, which enters into the composition of the viral capsid (GaG gene). Anti-p28 antibodies can appear slightly later than the antiviral envelope protein antibodies. The use of this very stable protein allows the serological detection of a very wide spectrum of serological variants.

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P00303-10 (10 plates/strips)

About Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAEV)/Maedi-Visna (MVV)

Maedi-visna virus (MVV) infection of sheep is characterized by slowly progressive arthritis, pneumonia, mastitis and encephalomyelitis. The causative agent of the disease is a virus classified as lentivirus, a subgroup of retroviruses. MVV infection is found all over the world.

This classification also includes caprine arthritis encephalitis virus (CAEV), which manifests itself in adult goats mainly in the form of severe arthritis of the carpal joint ("big knee").

Animals with CAEV become emaciated despite an intact appetite, and show poor milk yield. Serologic surveys show that CAEV is widely disseminated in goat herds on different continents.

By far, the most important source of infection, however, is the milk of positive animals. In fact, if the kids are fed with communal milk from the herd, all the kids can be infected by just a single positive goat. An effective vaccination does not exist. For this reason, eradication programs are based on colostrum deprivation, separation and serological detection of infected animals.

Specific antibodies in serum for both diseases can be measured by the same ELISA.


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