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Strengthen the bonds

For 30 years, IDEXX has had the unique privilege to serve companion animal and equine veterinarians in our shared mission to improve the lives of pets and people. While it is truly awe-inspiring to reflect upon how far we’ve come together, I believe there has never been a more exciting or more gratifying time to be a part of the veterinary community.

Today, we have tremendous opportunities to fulfill our promise to pets and their owners. We will do so through medical technology or innovation, of course, and also by helping to strengthen the bonds that matter most: between animals and their owners and between you, your practice and every one of your patients and clients.


A new focus

As the CEO of IDEXX and a lifelong pet owner, I know that pets are an inseparable part of every family and every life they touch. I also know the value that consistent, high-quality medical care brings to my pets and to our family.

We believe you and your practice are an essential part of every pet’s family. That’s why we’re offering you, through our Strengthen the bonds initiative, a new lens through which you can evaluate innovative ways to deliver care, foster loyalty among clients and improve teamwork.

We realize that the trust you place in us must be continually earned. We do this in part by listening to you to understand precisely what you need to practice medicine in your unique way. Only then can we offer industry-leading solutions that are tailored to help you deliver the highest quality patient care and pet-owner experience, and thus strengthen the bonds that matter most.

A new website

To expand the valuable dialogue we share with you, IDEXX is pleased to introduce our completely reengineered U.S. Small Animal Health website to provide you with relevant and fresh content to help solve the problems you face every day. Visitors will also enjoy easier access to information and support, will find stories to inspire and share and can follow this blog. We tested multiple designs with practices just like yours to ensure you’ll find our new website easier to navigate so you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for whether you’re visiting from your office workstation, tablet or smartphone.

A new service: 100% direct ordering in the U.S.

The most effective way for us to help you deliver high-quality care and grow your practice is to provide one knowledgeable source for diagnostic product expertise and ordering. Our U.S. customers can now order all of their companion-animal SNAP tests and IDEXX in-house analyzer slides and tubes directly from IDEXX by calling 1-888-79-IDEXX.

Our U.S. customers will enjoy all the benefits of direct ordering without sacrificing any of the service levels they’ve come to expect, including free shipping with next-day delivery and hassle-free returns on unopened, expired products. I’m also pleased to share that we have greatly increased the number of IDEXX professionals available to support you.

If you have time now, I encourage you to explore the new website. We also welcome your feedback and comments—about the site, about our goal to strengthen the bonds that matter most or about anything at all. Your feedback has been an essential guide from the start, and it’s even more important now to help us serve you in the future.

Even in the dynamic and rapidly changing world in which veterinary practices operate, I believe the opportunities to fulfill our shared mission of providing exceptional pet health care and serving pet owners have never been greater. As we work together to help strengthen the bonds in your veterinary practice, we will be fulfilling the promise of tomorrow together. I am honored and excited to be a part of it all.

Warmest regards,

Jon Ayers

Jon Ayers, CEO

Jon Ayers, CEO

Jon leads a 6,000-member global team dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of pets, people and livestock. He’s also a confirmed cat person who is currently nursing three long-time feline family members through the challenges of diabetes and pancreatitis, cancer and chemotherapy and early renal disease. Jon has a deep connection with his cats, and he’s grateful for the many ways the veterinary profession sustains relationships like his. Jon believes that when clients fully appreciate the value of pet health care, they demand the medically appropriate services that help practices grow and succeed. And he’s honored to help veterinary hospitals improve practice management and client communications with IDEXX diagnostic and software solutions.

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